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Month: April 2015

EFL022 – Electric For Life 022 – Gareth Emery

Tuesday’s are always one of my favorite days of the week. But I mean every day is a great day when I have a chance to listen to the music I love. I know I’m a little late on this review, but I wanted to at least get last weeks episode up before I listen to Electric for Life when it’s live tomorrow. Remember, you can always check it out and listen to the live stream at! What a sick domain name, I wish I could have bought, but hey maybe one day! Definitely a great episode,...

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ABGT126: Group Therapy Radio 126 with Ilan Bluestone

Who doesn’t love Above & Beyond? I couldn’t see any reason for someone to say they dislike A&B, as they are the epitome of trance music. This week’s Group Therapy was a special Thursday broadcast, instead of the regular Friday broadcasting. I apologize that my update is a little late, as things have been pretty hectic here at Trance Life. We’re almost to 1k followers on Instagram! Hopefully, we can take TL to the next level. I’ve been listening to A&B’s podcasts since back in the days of Trance Around The World, or TATW and they will always be...

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Ultra Music Festival’s New Vibe – For Better or Worse?

Nothing makes me happier than that special time of year, when the streets I walk, in the city I call home, are transformed into a glorious raver playground. For 17 years, Miami was just Miami to me, but after my first Ultra, it never looked the same again. Every time I drive down Biscayne Blvd, I see the lights and hear the music in my head. For 7 years Ultra has been the highlight of my year, the festival that trumps all other festivals. I spent weeks preparing, planning, making outfits, and listening to old Ultra sets to get pumped. When...

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EFL021 – Electric For Life 021 – Gareth Emery

Gareth Emery never ceases to amaze me and today’s Electric For Life was no exception. The Emery family is extremely talented and if you haven’t listened to his sister, Roxanne Emery, you definitely should. Her vocals are earth-shattering and it always easy to forget where you are when you listen to her. I’ve seen Gareth a few times live and his sets are always amazing because he can smoothly transition between styles without losing momentum. I love his earlier tracks, but Drive was impressive and the remixes on Drive: Refueled kept me up for days! Electric for Life 021: EFL021 Tracklist...

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Website Launch & Andrew Bayer – Do Androids Dream EP

Hey everyone! We are super excited to be finally launching the Trance Life website. Big things are headed your way. We officially submitted our application for a Trademark Registration yesterday so I’ll definitely keep you updated on the decision from the Examiner as everything begins to come in. So here’s a little bit about Trance Life if you haven’t had a chance to check out the About Us section of the site yet. Trance Life is an authentic and aspirational lifestyle brand that embraces those who love EDM and everything associated with living the “Trance Life”. Now do not get...

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