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Month: October 2015

Global DJ Broadcast Oct 29 2015 – Afterdark

With Halloween just around the corner, this week’s GDJB goes dark! I have a deep passion for trance, but this podcast was a dark turn of events, as it is far from the norm for Markus. For those that know me personally, I always say Markus is at his best when he is out of his element. His best work comes out when he breaks that invisible barrier and becomes something more. Extremely fitting for All Hallows’ Eve, so strap yourselves in and enjoy! The first notable track is an extremely deeper and darker twist to trance. Jerome Isma-Ae & Maor...

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CC Radio 435: Corsten’s Countdown 435

The 435th episode of Corsten’s Countdown is here and we heard some awesome new tracks from artists such as Max Ruby, Dimension, and CaPa. We had a fairly new listener’s choice this week, which was ‘Shadows’ by Bjorn Akesson. The last few listener’s choice picks have been from several years ago so it was refreshing to hear something a bit more recent. We also had a brand new number 1 and surprisingly it wasn’t ‘Anahera.’ Coming in first was Luke Terry’s ‘Hyperborea,’ followed by ‘Anahera,’ with Talla 2XLC and Cold Blue’s remix of ‘I’ve Got The Power’ by Alex Di...

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ABGT 155: Group Therapy 155 with Boom Jinx

The 155th episode of Group Therapy was as beautiful as ever and featured a Boom Jinx guest mix to celebrate the release of his album entitled ‘No Answers In Luck,’ which was just released on October 30th. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the album and I can’t say I’m surprised, as the Anjuna team is definitely promoting the hell out of it. Most notably, ABGT 155 featured tracks from the likes of Maor Levi, Andrew Bayer, and a very special flashback track from Above & Beyond. Leading off this week we had ‘Neptune’ by Maor Levi. Currently the #1...

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EFL049 – Electric for Life 049 – Gareth Emery

Music gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm to life. – Plato Tuesday came and went and EFL049 was all the magic we could ever need in life. It was mellow, it was therapeutic, it was pure ecstasy. Haitian DJ, Michael Brun made it on today’s show with his brand new track ‘Check This Out,’ which he co-wrote with Still Young. I must say, it was pretty damn good! A lot of love to Haiti, where EDM is receiving tremendous recognition. It is so exciting how trance has grown and gotten so much positive feedback worldwide. Last week was...

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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 22 2015 (with Tenishia)

This week’s studio session of GDJB featured a special guest mix by Tenishia, a group that won the Best Newcomer Award in 2005. They have been playing festivals for years and it’s no surprise that Markus allowed them to feature their newest releases to the Coldharbour family. In this particular episode, Markus also debuted an extremely special track, which is the first step in his own personal journey that he is about to embark on. As always, this episode is one that is definitely worth your time! My first highlight in this episode is the aforementioned track written by...

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