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Author: Christine Courtois

EFL050 – Electric for Life 050 – Gareth Emery

Hey everyone! I don’t think you’re going to like this, but EFL050 was a real disappointment for me… 50 is a very big deal. We throw parties for 50th wedding anniversaries, 50th birthdays. You’d figure that on the 50th episode of the show’s history, it wouldn’t have been so dull. Granted we had a set full of big names in our scene, like legends Kaskade, Super 8 & Tab, Andrew Bayer, Cash Cash, Cosmic Gate, and JES, but I was not impressed at all. I thought I was over reacting, but then my son chimed in and stated that the...

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EFL049 – Electric for Life 049 – Gareth Emery

Music gives wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm to life. – Plato Tuesday came and went and EFL049 was all the magic we could ever need in life. It was mellow, it was therapeutic, it was pure ecstasy. Haitian DJ, Michael Brun made it on today’s show with his brand new track ‘Check This Out,’ which he co-wrote with Still Young. I must say, it was pretty damn good! A lot of love to Haiti, where EDM is receiving tremendous recognition. It is so exciting how trance has grown and gotten so much positive feedback worldwide. Last week was...

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EFL048 – Electric for Life 048 – Gareth Emery

Happy Tuesday, Trance Lovers! All of us here at Trance Life were extremely stoked for what was in store for us on EFL048. We were so happy for Arty today, as he received a lot of praise for his new track ‘Poison for Lovers,’ which debuted from his brand new album Glorious. That track is a gem, and it surely was a nice pick for this week’s opening track. The Electric for Life account tweeted: The album’s top single and title track, ‘Glorious,’ which features Blondfire, was also played halfway into the show, and it was magical! Arty was definitely in the spotlight today,...

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EFL045 – Electric for Life 045 – Gareth Emery

What makes Tuesdays so great? Very sexy and very deep this week, EFL045 was the perfect choice to unwind and decompress. Most notably, we heard new tunes from Tristam, Jerome Isma-Ae, Jeremy Olander, and Yuji Ono. ‘Trakia’ by Yuji Ono was sure on fire! Gareth tweeted in regards to it: You betcha, Gareth! Coincidentally, the track is so new that it is nowhere to be found on the web yet, so you HAVE to listen to the show to check it out. I wouldn’t dare deceive you, it’s pure genius! Listeners absolutely loved Martijn Ten Velden’s remix of ‘Guitarra G’ by Banda Sonara. Simply put,...

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EFL044 – Electric for Life 044 – Gareth Emery

So much eagerness from fans for today’s Electric For Life show. It must be the Fall Equinox rubbing everyone the right way. Great start to EFL044 with Track of the Week, ‘Telescope,’ by Carl Louis featuring ARY, which was immediately followed by Pryda’s ‘Crossings.’ It is always great to hear new things from Eric Prydz, the DJ’s DJ. The hype was definitely real and intense. The EFL show then transitioned back into the deeper side, and it was glorious! We heard new stuff rom Max Graham, and the Electric for Life Twitter posted: I sincerely love it when other DJs tweet along with fans...

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