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Author: Corey Longo

ABGT 157: Group Therapy 157 with Genix

ABGT 157 did a fantastic job of getting us warmed up for the weekend! Jono took charge of this episode on the same day as the Wembley show fundraiser for his late sister Charlotte. As always, there was a plethora of new music in this week’s broadcast. During the 2-hour show, we heard tracks from artists such as Arty, Sunny Lax, and a Flashback track from Parker & Hanson. But the show was stolen by the very talented Genix and his phenomenal guest mix! Leading off today’s episode was the title track from Arty’s newest album – ‘Glorious.’ I...

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CC Radio 437: Corsten’s Countdown 437

What would Wednesday’s be without Corsten’s Countdown? This week’s episode featured a new track from Beat Service, a collaboration from Mr. Pit and Fisherman & Hawkins, and a world premiere from Ferry Corsten himself. And once again, we saw a new number 1 this week! No surprise here, but Beat Service is back with another beautiful song featuring the angelic vocals of Sarah Lynn. The track, entitled ‘Dream Weaver,’ captivates listeners from beginning to end. It has a fantastic build up and an even better breakdown! The next track I want to highlight is ‘Doppelbanger’ by Mr Pit and Fisherman & Hawkins. I’ll...

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CC Radio 436: Corsten’s Countdown 436

Back with another hour of some of the hottest new trance tracks, Ferry Corsten certainly delivers a winner this week. We heard new tracks from Andrew Bayer, Cosmic Gate, and a collaboration from Sneidjer and Giuseppe Ottaviani. And once again, we saw a brand new number one! Second track of the hour was Andrew Bayer’s new track entitled ‘Celestial.’ We simply cannot get enough of Andrew! He has put out countless hits lately that leave me speechless. He’s definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming year. The Listener’s Choice this week was ‘Give It To Them’ by...

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CC Radio 435: Corsten’s Countdown 435

The 435th episode of Corsten’s Countdown is here and we heard some awesome new tracks from artists such as Max Ruby, Dimension, and CaPa. We had a fairly new listener’s choice this week, which was ‘Shadows’ by Bjorn Akesson. The last few listener’s choice picks have been from several years ago so it was refreshing to hear something a bit more recent. We also had a brand new number 1 and surprisingly it wasn’t ‘Anahera.’ Coming in first was Luke Terry’s ‘Hyperborea,’ followed by ‘Anahera,’ with Talla 2XLC and Cold Blue’s remix of ‘I’ve Got The Power’ by Alex Di...

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ABGT 155: Group Therapy 155 with Boom Jinx

The 155th episode of Group Therapy was as beautiful as ever and featured a Boom Jinx guest mix to celebrate the release of his album entitled ‘No Answers In Luck,’ which was just released on October 30th. I’ve heard nothing but great things about the album and I can’t say I’m surprised, as the Anjuna team is definitely promoting the hell out of it. Most notably, ABGT 155 featured tracks from the likes of Maor Levi, Andrew Bayer, and a very special flashback track from Above & Beyond. Leading off this week we had ‘Neptune’ by Maor Levi. Currently the #1...

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