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Author: Daniel Keeney

ID292 – International Departures Episode 292

Well this week on International Departures 292, or ID292, with the Hungarian duo, Myon and Shane 54, they had an extreme treat for us! It was a very “feelsy quintessential summer mix” as they would say. Now starting off this episode we have none other than Matt Fax with ‘Moonlight,’ which is a nice deep feeling jam. Up next, they come in with one of my favorite deep summer-vibe jams with Inpetto featuring David Spekter, in their new track, ‘Learn to Fly.’ It was also the “track of the moment” and it will definitely make you want to learn how to...

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International Departures Episode 291: ID291

In International Departures Episode 291, or ID291, the Hungarian duo MS54 has another great set starting off with Nora En Pure’s 2015 rework of their track ‘Saltwater.’ Next they continued to come in with some deeper melodies with ‘Ghetto Superstar (What You Are)’ by Alex Preston. Alex Preston’s ‘Ghetto Superstar’ is available as a free download from SoundCloud. In proper International Departures style, it’s amazing how MS54 can go from those 80’s style remixes into the lovely trance bangers that we all know and love. Speaking of those deep jams, a couple tracks down the line MS54 played a track by...

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International Departures Episode 282: ID282

The Hungarian duo, Myon & Shane 54, are back at it again with their deep and progressive sounds. This time starting off with the lovely sounds of Disclosure featuring Gregory Porter with ‘Holding On.’ You can always count on Myon and Shane to bring you into the groove with those deep and eclectic jams before they push on into those beautiful trance sounds we know and love. As far as the deep house side goes, I think in this episode of International Departures, Grum would have to take the cake with his new track ‘U’. The young producer from...

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