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Author: Danielle Guillory

FSOE 428 – Future Sound of Egypt 428 – Aly & Fila

It’s that wonderful part of the week that we all look forward to; it’s time for FSOE 428! In this episode, Fadi explains how there has been lots of traveling taking place, and how he visited Paraguay for the first time. Of course, the whole Trance Family out there was incredible, and I’m sure the energy was undeniable! But even with all of the traveling and providing amazing sets to worldwide crowds, Aly & Fila still deliver another fantastic episode of Future Sound Of Egypt! FSOE 428 starts on a high note with ‘Mangata’ from Borja Iglesias, AKA Dimension! This...

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FSOE 427 – Future Sound of Egypt 427 – Aly & Fila

Welcome back to another amazing Monday! Aly & Fila have come to bring us FSOE 427 to get us going with good vibes and positive energy! And between all the traveling and shows, they still manage to find time to deliver this wonderful radio show that keeps us united and looking forward to a bright day! This episode starts off strong with the Future Sound ‘Debris’ by Plutian! This track carries such a radiant energy and exciting sound. The beginning starts off smooth and builds into such a warm and nostalgic melody that is impossible to ignore. This song...

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FSOE 426 – Future Sound of Egypt 426 – Aly & Fila

Thank goodness for Aly & Fila and FSOE426! They mention in today’s episode that they have recently been working in the studio, and I know we are all happy to hear that. There’s much to anticipate from this dynamic duo in the future, but as for now, they are giving us so much music to get excited about! One thing we always look forward to every week is new music from FSOE, and one that sticks out is ‘Revelation’ by Niko Zografos. Every note tells a story and has so much passion behind it. The rhythmic sound has so...

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FSOE 425 – Future Sound of Egypt 425 – Aly & Fila

Welcome to the first week of 2016, which also means it’s time for the first episode of Future Sound of Egypt of the new year! This past year of FSOE has been incredible! Between all the new music, remixes, original tracks and Wonders, it feels like we got to listen to the music and get into our own little state of happiness every Monday, and I know this year will be just as fantastic, if not better! In this episode of FSOE 425, Aly & Fila are giving us an hour of euphoric Trance that will start your year...

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FSOE 424: Future Sound of Egypt 424 – Aly & Fila

The end of the year is soon approaching, and I know you can feel the divine energy in the air. What’s, even more, exciting is today’s Future Sound of Egypt is the last episode of the year! In FSOE 424, Aly & Fila are continuing last week’s show by providing the final 15 tracks in their Top 30 for 2015. There were so many great records that made up the Top 15. I particularly loved the beautiful, soothing melody in ‘Valiant’ by Fady & Mina, which came in at #7, and I can’t get enough of the FSOE 400 anthem,...

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