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Author: Danielle Guillory

FSOE 418: Future Sound of Egypt 418 – Aly & Fila

As soon as you press play, the Monday blues melt away. Thank goodness for Aly & Fila who are uplifting us with lots of positivities and good vibes in FSOE 418! This episode starts off with Fila talking about his trip to China and how epic it was over there. I’m sure everyone there had an amazing experience and you can tell in his voice how exciting it was for him. All of the electricity from that day definitely spilled into today’s prodigious episode! The music in today’s episode is nothing short of amazing! In particular, I was more...

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FSOE 417: Future Sound of Egypt 417 – Aly & Fila

The beautiful trance and continuous uplifting vibes are non-stop in FSOE 417! It’s the beginning of the week and Aly & Fila are here to save the day. Between the Future Sound, Wonder of the Week, and all the other awesome tracks in today’s episode, there is so much to look forward to. I know you’re ready to get the feels going strong, so let’s jump right into it! This episode starts off strong with ‘Under The Surface’ by Startail! I love the smooth and uplifting sound of this one, as it gives off everything you want to hear...

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FSOE 416: Future Sound of Egypt 416 – Aly & Fila

I bet you had an amazing Halloween weekend filled with sugar rushes, crazy costumes and a whole lot of dancing, but now it’s time to get back to reality! When it comes to getting back to reality, Mondays seem to be the hardest, so it’s a good thing we can always rely on Aly & Fila to get us through the day! With FSOE 416, they definitely did not disappoint. Did you know that FSOE is always filled with unexpected surprises? In this particular episode, one collaboration that I really can’t get enough of is ‘Nero’ by Sneijder &...

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FSOE 415: Future Sound of Egypt 415 – Aly & Fila

It’s time to unwind and enjoy FSOE 415! I know Monday can be stressful, but thanks to Aly & Fila delivering yet another epic episode, for the next hour we won’t have to worry about the craziness of the world. They continue to bless and unite us with this amazing trance, while their FSOE army continues to grow stronger and stronger! Today’s episode was full of surprises, including the world premiere of ‘Dreamstate’ by Ian Standerwick. This track is absolutely magical and the amazing melody sets such a strong, passionate and heartfelt tone! The music has no lyrics, yet it speaks to you in such a...

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FSOE 414: Future Sound of Egypt 414 – Aly & Fila

If you’re feeling a little bummed and having the Monday blues, have no fear, Aly & Fila are here to save the day with FSOE 414! Fila starts this one off by describing his recent travels and the shows he’s done in Slovakia and the UK this past weekend. I’m sure anyone who was lucky enough to be in the crowd had an amazing time, and with all the beautiful tunes that Aly & Fila make it’s kind of impossible not to have a great experience! As always, this episode starts off extremely powerful with ‘Losing Precious Moments’ by Hoyaa. At the beginning, the...

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