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Author: Desaree Soto

Global DJ Broadcast World Tour Mexico City

Here we are, it’s finally world tour time people! Markus journeys to Mexico City in this particular world tour edition of GDJB. I’ve heard a lot of episodes this year of his travels around the world, but this is by far one of my favorites to add to the collection. You can tell by the yelling in the background just how much energy this crowd had. So just sit back and enjoy! This week, I actually decided to pick only classics, as the entire set reminded me of the greatness that is Markus Schulz. My first track that I...

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Global DJ Broadcast Nov 05 2015 (with Rank 1)

As always, this week’s GDJB featured a lot of great trance, but what was even more exciting was the phenomenal guest mix by Rank 1. I’ll go into more detail, but first, you must secure all arms and feet inside the vehicle! Get ready to be blown away! My first noteworthy track is a tune that has been featured in countless Coldharbour sets, ‘Knightfall’ by Arkham Knights. Introduced with some rather menacing percussion, it’s a tale of darkness that stays true to its title. It’s crazy to think this duo of brothers from the UK has only been on...

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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 29 2015 – Afterdark

With Halloween just around the corner, this week’s GDJB goes dark! I have a deep passion for trance, but this podcast was a dark turn of events, as it is far from the norm for Markus. For those that know me personally, I always say Markus is at his best when he is out of his element. His best work comes out when he breaks that invisible barrier and becomes something more. Extremely fitting for All Hallows’ Eve, so strap yourselves in and enjoy! The first notable track is an extremely deeper and darker twist to trance. Jerome Isma-Ae & Maor...

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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 22 2015 (with Tenishia)

This week’s studio session of GDJB featured a special guest mix by Tenishia, a group that won the Best Newcomer Award in 2005. They have been playing festivals for years and it’s no surprise that Markus allowed them to feature their newest releases to the Coldharbour family. In this particular episode, Markus also debuted an extremely special track, which is the first step in his own personal journey that he is about to embark on. As always, this episode is one that is definitely worth your time! My first highlight in this episode is the aforementioned track written by...

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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 15 2015 (with Rex Mundi)

GDJB is back with a brand new studio session! This week featured a guest mix from Rex Mundi and music straight from the Trance Nation mix that has just been released by Markus himself. As Markus is in Amsterdam at ADE, he shares this GDJB with all of us who are bummed that we can not be there. Starting off the podcast is the world premiere of the next edition in his revered city series! ‘Dancing In The Red Light’ is a special track dedicated to the infamous Red Light District of Amsterdam. This track tells a scandalous story of subduction and...

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