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Author: Desaree Soto

Global DJ Broadcast Oct 08 2015 – World Tour: Australia

Some of you readers may have noticed that I have not been writing much and that’s because I have recently received some life-changing news. The Schulz Army will be gaining another male solider for unicorn slaying! Yes, I’m expecting a baby. This news is beyond special because I am naming it after Markus himself. I couldn’t wait to share the news with him and he also favorited my tweet I sent to him. I was trying not to scream from the excitement! See, this is the reason why I love writing about GDJB every week to our dedicated Trance Life fans. And...

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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 01 2015 (with Mark Sherry)

Fresh off the Ibiza Summer Sessions run, GDJB has returned to normalcy with a new studio session. As, always this week featured some of the old, some of the new, and a very exciting guest spot by Mark Sherry. Markus starts off with a bang sharing his newest edition to his city series, ‘Cathedral,’ which is dedicated to the people of Montreal, Quebec. This one just made its debut last month after his show at Stereo and it’s extremely reminiscent of what the old Markus Schulz used to produce. It’s very special to him as he has many wonderful memories playing in Canada. As the broadcast...

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CC Radio 429: Corsten’s Countdown 429

We have a little surprise for you avid followers, an introduction to our newest podcast review by none other than Ferry Corsten. We have never featured his podcast on our website, which is strange as I’ve always said that Ferry has what it takes to be the best. He has the energy and passion of what our community is all about. So take a ride with me and Ferry as he shares his favorite tracks in Corsten’s Countdown 429. Our first notable track comes from Mr. Orjan Nilsen. ‘Don’ has just recently been released and it is an instant classic from this Norwegian...

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Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast: GDJB 09-10-2015

As the Ibiza Summer Sessions are coming to an end, here is a journey that will surprise you. As many of you avid listeners know, Markus loves to surprise his fans. As such, most of the tracks were very smooth, but some were extremely hard hitting. But truth be told, I love when Markus does this as it’s a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Are you ready for the ride? Recently, ‘Gamma Gamma’ has been one of my favorite tracks. I’m not a dedicated Tritonian, but this track is beginning to make me one! Of course, this week’s GDJB featured Ferry Corsten’s remix....

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Markus Schulz – Avalon Hollywood

Waking up after an event is one of the most depressing aspects of being a raver. The anticipation for Markus at Avalon killed me all week and just like that, the night was gone. I was waiting for that night ever since I first saw Markus Schulz. Sadness swept across me when I walked out of Avalon, as I saw the sun beaming in my eyes, I knew I had just accomplished something beyond epic. Now all I’m left with are the memories that will last forever. As we walked up to Avalon, we realized that we were the first...

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