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Author: Robert Arrow

Synfonic Releases Inglorious/Berzerker on Pharmacy Music

Synfonic is a new duo that caught the attention of label boss Christopher Lawrence with their second release, Supernatural, which was named Track of the Month on Rush Hour. Being homegrown talent from Los Angeles, we couldn’t be happier to have them on the Pharmacy team. ‘Inglorious’ is a pumping main room banger that wastes no time getting into full effect. Crunchy bit crushed acid lines kick this track into high gear. Synfonic’s talent of making compelling trance leads is brought to the table with their epic yet driving big melodies that give the track plenty of thrust. On ‘Berzerker‘...

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Support Synfonic in Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland Discovery Project

Hey, everyone, it’s been a while since our last update, as we’re taking a short hiatus for a multitude of reasons, but we just wanted to let you know that our good friends Synfonic have recently entered the Insomniac Beyond Wonderland Discovery Project. This competition allows upcoming producers to compete for a chance to perform at this event. As you all know, Dreamstate will be hosting a stage at Beyond Wonderland on March 18th. This is an excellent opportunity for any trance producer or DJ to gain exposure. Please support Synfonic in this year’s Discovery Project by listening to...

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Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 – R3volution Guest Mix

Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 features a guest mix from New Hampshire-based DJ and producer R3volution. DJ R3volution (Scott) has been spinning since 1989 and has seen a lot of change in both music and technology. In 2016 DJ R3volution has taken the exit from the mainstream and commercial Trance highway and is headed underground to less “popular” producers and tracks in the Trance & Tech Trance genres. This journey starts off strong right out of the gate with Ørjan Nilsen‘s ‘Endymion.’ Then it’s a bit more underground with a stunning track known as ‘Knightfall’ by Arkham Knights on Coldharbour...

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Suzana Dordea – A State of Nude

Starting Right Now Speak My Language (A Thing Called Love) Saltwater Rush Running Feel It In My Bones Faded Addicted A Dream About You Worlds Apart Summertime Sadness We’re All We Need   Suzana Dordea – A State of Nude I recently had the pleasure of learning more about Suzana Dordea and her A State of Nude project. I was quite curious to become more educated on the subject especially after I found out that the titles of some images in the ASON project are derived from Trance tracks. Our gallery features only a few of the images from the...

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Monoverse Radio 054

If you’re in need of an hour long journey of amazing, melodic and forward thinking music do not hesitate to load up the latest Monoverse Radio episode 054. It’s rare to come across a mix consisting of only the highest quality music, and especially ranging across the entire spectrum of trance music. A few very recognizable names like Solarstone, Genix, and Jose Amnesia are spotted in the mix alongside some of the brightest breakthrough talent our genre has to offer: Mino Safy, Pablo Artigas, David Broaders and more. As usual in Monoverse Radio, the show eases us into the...

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