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Late Night Alumni – Eclipse Album Review

Late Night Alumni – Eclipse Album Review

Here we are, finally! A release I have personally been waiting for. ‘Eclipse’ from Late Night Alumni! Let me start out by stating that lately album artists by acts in this genre have been lacking, as most of the tracks you are looking for have already been released. This is not the case with Late Night Alumni’s fifth album entitled ‘Eclipse.’ Coming in at a cool 11 tracks, there is tons of remix potential on this album! So let’s get into it!

  • Another Word For Love – Pure LNA fashion! This one has a bit of a deep house feel to it and is extremely suited for an album opener.
  • Joan Of Arc – This is the first track that stood out from the album for me. It definitely needs a remix and a good one at that! But I definitely love the vocals and the live drum feel of this track in the opening. 
  • Runaway – This track may deceive you, so buckle your seatbelt; it takes you on a very bumpy ride! 
  • Drummer – In my opinion, this track definitely slows the progression of the album down. It is now growing on me, but I do believe it’s in the perfect place on the album.
  • Shades at Night – This picks up the dance-y vibe, which was left behind at ‘Runaway.’ Very nice and mellow house music for a sunny night! Also enjoyed the background steel drum!
  • Good Measure – This slows it down again and is usually why I dislike full-length albums by artists, but this changes my stance. ‘Good Measure’ is a great track, and I have no doubt that it will make for a fantastic remix.
  • The This This – I love this track! This is definitely pure Late Night Alumni style and was a great way for them to get back into the dance-y vibe of the album.
  • Constellations – Does her voice get any better? It sure does! This would definitely serve as a great track for any mix set showcasing house music!
  • In The Middle – This to me seems a bit lounge-y. (I could be wrong.) Maybe it’s the faux saxophone synths I’m hearing, but it is well done and very lush.
  • Legion – This closes the album and it easily became one of my favorites. Its slow tempo and vocals combined with the beat, make you feel like you could close your eyes and drift through the cosmos’ on an endless voyage.
  • The This This (Kaskade Remix) – Very similar to the original, but I do prefer his interpretation. To me, it seems fuller and more club-themed. I am glad Kaskade did not go full electro on this one!

In its totality, this is a great album! Definitely one release worth your time!

Late Night Alumni – Eclipse Tracklist

  1. Late Night Alumni – Another Word For Love
  2. Late Night Alumni – Joan Of Arc
  3. Late Night Alumni – Runaway
  4. Late Night Alumni – Drummer
  5. Late Night Alumni – Shades At Night
  6. Late Night Alumni – Good Measure
  7. Late Night Alumni – The This This
  8. Late Night Alumni – Constellations
  9. Late Night Alumni – In The Middle
  10. Late Night Alumni – Legion
  11. Late Night Alumni – The This This (Kaskade Remix)

Featured Late Night Alumni – Eclipse Tracks

Late Night Alumni – Legion

Late Night Alumni – Joan of Arc

Late Night Alumni – Shades At Night

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