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LTN – People I’ll Never Forget: Album Review

LTN – People I’ll Never Forget: Album Review

After months of anticipation, LTN’s first studio release, ‘People I’ll Never Forget’ has finally been delivered. From one progressive fan to another, this is truly a beautiful album that I’ll be raving about for years to come. (No pun intended.) As one of Indonesia’s most respected and prominent Progressive producers, Louis Tan aka LTN, is surely taking the Trance world by storm and there is no doubt in my mind that he will one day be among the Trance elite – Armin van Buuren, ATB, and Above & Beyond. I’ve had this album on repeat for the past few days, as I can not get enough of LTN’s beautiful melodies and choice of vocal collaborators. From Christina Novelli, one of my favorite vocalists, to a relatively new name in Trance – the heavenly Arielle Maren. Their angelic voices are sure to have you in a permanent state of gooseflesh.

As you all may know, LTN was featured as the guest mix on #ABGT129 bringing with him some of the delicious tracks from this release, ‘People I’ll Never Forget.’ I definitely believe that this album deserves it’s place as Mixmag’s Album of the Month for June 2015. I know it will be the soundtrack of my summer, keeping me in a heavenly trance with its elegant piano riffs and vocals. As a pianist myself, I truly appreciate the details of LTN’s piano work in tracks like ‘Feel Your Body Move’ and ‘Dreams of Maya.’ With each and every track on this album, you can easily feel the love and appreciation LTN has for his craft.

He leaves no stone unturned and provides his fans with elegant melodies in an album that plays perfectly from start to finish. I expect great things from LTN over the next few years, as this was the easily one of the finest debut albums I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to.

People I’ll Never Forget by LTN Tracklist

  1. LTN – Autumn Leaves (Album Mix)
  2. LTN ft. Arielle Maren – Let Me Go (LTN Sunrise Album Mix)
  3. LTN – A Long Walk To Freedom (Album Mix)
  4. LTN – Fuego De Amor (Album Mix)
  5. LTN ft. Arielle Maren – A Different Side Of You (Album Mix)
  6. LTN & Anushka Desai – Dreams Of Maya (Album Mix)
  7. LTN & Kokai – Just Another Man (Album Mix)
  8. LTN – Feel Your Body Move (Album Mix)
  9. LTN ft. Diana Leah – Crystalline (Album Mix)
  10. LTN ft. Christina Novelli – Hold On To Your Heart (LTN Sunrise Album Mix)
  11. LTN ft. Hysteria – Villain On The Run (Album Mix)
  12. LTN – Quicksand (Album Mix)
  13. LTN ft. Illuminor – Here I Am Again (Album Mix)
  14. LTN – Somebody I Could Be (Album Mix)
  15. LTN ft. Nina Carr – Illusions (Album Mix)
  16. LTN ft. Love Dimension – Not With Me (Album Mix)
  17. LTN ft. Arielle Maren – Live As One (Album Mix)

Featured ‘People I’ll Never Forget’ Tracks

LTN & Anushka Desai – Dreams Of Maya (Album Mix)

LTN ft. Christina Novelli – Hold On To Your Heart (LTN Sunrise Album Mix)

LTN ft. Arielle Maren – Live As One (Album Mix)

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