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Morgan Page – DC to Light Album Review

Morgan Page – DC to Light Album Review

If you want addicting melodies, enchanting vocals, and beats that make you want to move, Morgan Page is your man. Now I know what you’re thinking, Morgan Page is not a trance DJ, but he is still one of my favorite producers in the industry. Drawing inspiration for the title from the solar panels that power his home-studio, he released his sixth album, DC to Light, yesterday. I’ve been anticipating this album for a few years now and I can proudly say that it has exceeded my expectations. With some frequent collaborators that I’ve become quite fond of, such as Lissie and Angela McCluskey, this album has truly been a delight for me over the past 24 hours.

To me, Morgan Page is truly an audio architect. I’ve been lucky enough to watch him construct a track from scratch on Periscope and even own a few items from his old studio that I purchased on eBay. Though I’m not a producer, it is still nice to have an autographed memento from one of my favorites. DC to Light is the complete experience. From the start, Morgan hooks his claws into you with the angelic vocals of Angela McCluskey and doesn’t let you go till the last beat.

  • No Ordinary Life – The album starts on a soulful note, with Angela McCluskey’s alluring vocals and that entirely too addicting piano melody. 
  • Open Heart – Pure Morgan Page sound with those classic vocals by Lissie, including lyrics that we can all identify with.  
  • Running Wild – Now some support from my home state with a collaboration from Orlando’s own Britt Daley & The Oddictions. This is truly one addicting melody that I can not get out of my head.
  • Against The World – I’ve been waiting for Morgan Page to release this for years now. Easily one of the most uplifting and emotionally charged tracks on the album. 
  • Trigger – Enticing lyrics and chord progression… If you played this for me before I had bought the album, I would have instantly known it was Morgan Page.
  • Strike – This track relaxes the advancement of the album for me. I can’t put my finger on it, but the beat and chord progression reminds me of another track. (This is going to bug me all night.)
  • Save You – This one is definitely one of my favorites from this album. David Jackson’s vocals and Morgan’s superior production skills go hand in hand with this supremely addicting melody.
  • The One I Love – I’m sure you’re no stranger to Polina’s amazing vocals and in this track she definitely does not disappoint. I truly hope their musical relationship continues to flourish.
  • Think Of You – Meiko’s finest performance in my opinion. Instant banger for me. If you can sit still during this song, you should definitely see a doctor, because something is not right.
  • Safe Till Tomorrow (Acoustic Mix) – Those opening strings! Captivating vocals by Angelika Vee, with an extremely addicting melody.
  • We Receive You – This is that peak before you drop on the rollercoaster that is DC to Light. The opening will surely deceive you, but I promise this is one track that I know will be played all through festival season.
  • Farewell – Flawless ending with the perfect title for the end of our journey. And those lyrics! Gooseflesh from start to finish.
  • Open Heart (Acoustic Mix) – Now who doesn’t love one of their favorites released in an acoustic mix?
  • Safe Till Tomorrow (Bonus Acoustic Mix) – Now you can really hear the amazing piano track. Songs like these are why I revel in Morgan Page’s productions.

Morgan Page – DC to Light Tracklist

  1. Morgan Page feat. Angela McCluskey – No Ordinary Life
  2. Morgan Page feat. Lissie – Open Heart
  3. Morgan Page feat. The Oddictions and Britt Daley – Running Wild
  4. Morgan Page feat. Michael S. – Against The World
  5. Morgan Page feat. Rosette & Dirty Radio – Trigger
  6. Morgan Page feat. Whitney Phillips – Strike
  7. Morgan Page feat. David Jackson – Save You
  8. Morgan Page feat. Polina – The One I Love
  9. Morgan Page feat. Meiko – Think Of You
  10. Morgan Page feat. Angelika Vee – Safe Till Tomorrow (Acoustic Mix)
  11. Morgan Page feat. Carnage &  Candice Pillay – We Receive You
  12. Morgan Page feat. Chris Batson – Farewell
  13. Morgan Page feat. Lissie – Open Heart (Bonus Acoustic Mix)
  14. Morgan Page feat. Angelika Vee – Safe Till Tomorrow (Bonus Acoustic Mix)

Featured DC to Light Tracks

Morgan Page feat. Michael S. – Against The World

Morgan Page feat. David Jackson – Save You

Morgan Page feat. Chris Batson – Farewell

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