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Markus Schulz – Avalon Hollywood

Markus Schulz – Avalon Hollywood

Waking up after an event is one of the most depressing aspects of being a raver. The anticipation for Markus at Avalon killed me all week and just like that, the night was gone. I was waiting for that night ever since I first saw Markus Schulz. Sadness swept across me when I walked out of Avalon, as I saw the sun beaming in my eyes, I knew I had just accomplished something beyond epic. Now all I’m left with are the memories that will last forever.

As we walked up to Avalon, we realized that we were the first ones in line. Standing in line was torture because my anxiety was really killing me. This was my first OTC set at Avalon. I had been waiting for this moment for several months. I always love when I haven’t seen Markus for quite some time; it feels like I am seeing him for the first time. I can truly say that the minute they let us in to the minute I walked out, the energy was unreal.

The essence of Markus Schulz, is the energy that this man has into the wee hours of the morning. He kept that consistent energy and it’s insane to think he travels the world and lives on a plane, but for his fans he will always have a smile on his face. The structure of the night was mapped out by Markus’s snapchat earlier in the week, starting was his “Warm Up,” which included a dark twist, but definitely managed to get the crowd excited. It was a mix of soft tracks and smooth melodies. At this point of his set we were standing on the side (the older I get I can’t be on the dance floor due to people being pushy). I could feel the music pulsing in my chest and a smile came across my cheeks; I was ready for the rollercoaster of emotions.

One thing you must know about a marathon set, is that it is called that for a reason. I came to the realization that the older I get, the more aware of a crowd I am. God bless everyone’s soul that night, but people were dropping like flies! It was the first hour for God sakes, pace yourselves. That is the number one rule of an all-night Markus set. I guess that is wishful thinking because following your own advice never works.

As Markus announced the “Heating Up” portion of his set, I must say I was highly impressed. Non-stop tracks to jump start the crowd for what Markus calls the “Main Show.” The “Heating Up” portion of the set was one of my favorites because Markus played tracks that set the mood for the entire night. As I was looking around I saw a lot of people getting into the music. It warms my heart because in this day and age, not many people understand the magic of what Schulz brings. As the set burned on, it was time for the live “Main Show” section. Adina Butar made her entrance to sing, and trust me, she is a star. Her voice cuts through you like a knife.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love the song ‘Destiny.’ This track brings so many emotions out of me. So when Markus brought Delacey to the stage, I couldn’t help but scream out in joy. That is when I noticed the crowd was really into Markus’s set. I have always loved live performances because it is an extremely personal touch for the fans. As I watched the expression of my friends next to me, I knew that this was the peak of Markus’s set. And it was then that we realized that this particular set was special.

The “Chaos” section was a warm-up for the “Rabbit Hole” section. “Chaos” was straight hard-hitting trance. At this point my boyfriend was going nuts because that is the kind of trance he loves. As we danced to Schulz, I couldn’t help to think that there is one true thing about him, he truly knows how to throw a party. It was almost five in the morning and I was not tired yet. I thought I would have been, but not an ounce of me was. Then BOOM, the “Rabbit Hole” came, and this is when things start to get a little weird. The whole night we stood to the side, but at this point we were backstage. I always loved being back there because it’s cozier. I couldn’t help to notice Adina Butar standing to the side. We greeted her, and she was by far the nicest person I’ve met at a show and even allowed us to take a picture with her. Also for everyone wondering, SHE IS A GIANT.

As the “Rabbit Hole” ran on, that was the point when I started to feel my eyes dragging a bit. I knew I had to fight my way through it, as I made a promise to myself when I walked into the club to do this for Markus. Markus, of course, had the energy of a teenager at this hour! That is the most notable trait of Markus Schulz, living on a plane, traveling everywhere, and he still manages to stay energetic throughout a whole set for his fans. I smiled at this because I knew at this point I would be knocked out. As the “Rabbit Hole” came to a close, the next stage began, the “Classics”, which was my favorite part. I pulled myself together to walk down from the couches, to stand in the back while Markus banged out one classic trance tune after another. He twirled around, which was funny because of the huge smile on his face, just like a little schoolboy. It amazes me that he still had this energy at seven in the morning. I hate to say this, because it breaks my heart to admit it, but I started to get tired at this point. As eight o’clock rolled around I tried my hardest to fight my lack of energy.

Markus’s “Classic” section was beautiful for this simple reason: TRANCE IS NOT DEAD.

Soon it was 9am and I could tell Markus was getting a little tired. At one point he whispered to his tour manager, Gabriel, “They aren’t leaving.” That’s right Markus, we weren’t leaving, and we didn’t want to leave. We didn’t want to let go of a night that was going down in history. As the very last track started, my heart felt heavy. Heavy because this was my first and last marathon set for a while. I know what you’re thinking, how can you say that? Well truth be told, we don’t know when Markus will be back to Avalon.

Just like that, the last beat of the song came and it was over. I could feel tears welling up in my eyes. I survived. I had accomplished something I had wanted to do since I was seventeen years old, to finish a set through. Markus, of course, took our traditional picture. He even joked with us when my boyfriend’s phone was ringing, “Uh oh, Mom’s calling?” This is why he is my number one. He treats us like family. As we said our goodbyes to everyone, a sudden sadness came across me, but I knew that this night would go down as a historic night in my raving career. As we walked out of the club, I looked back and saw my friend and my boyfriend smiling,

“Wow, just wow…” That pretty much sums it up.

The Marathon set at Avalon is history, history for Markus, history for my trance family, and myself personally. I could barely put this experience into words because words are not enough. You truly had to be there to understand the feels of what was felt that night. I’m sad because it’s all over, but I’m happy it went, because it made me realize one thing: Markus Schulz is a powerful DJ. Now I am just waiting for the next marathon set from him.

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Desaree Soto

Desaree is originally from San Francisco, but she is currently living in Los Angeles. She has worked for The DJ List and Dancing Astronaut. A trance lover, her favorites include: Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, and David Gravell.

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