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Markus Schulz – Bassmnt Nightclub

Markus Schulz – Bassmnt Nightclub

There is something to be said when you go to a trance event that happiness can be found in a simple set. One person who sums that up is Markus Schulz. The essence of Markus is that he knows his audience very well. He took us on a journey with just minimal time. It was one set you had to be there to experience.

We took a road trip down to San Diego for his show at Bassmnt, which is own by the owners of the club Sutra OC. As any Schulz fan would say the excitement to see how he throws down a set is like Christmas morning to us.

Before this we never had been to Bassmnt nightclub, which is located in the heart of the Gaslamp district. As you walk down to the entrance it gives you a vibe of Downtown LA. Stairs lead down to the inside. The beautiful venue is very small and intimate, which fits its name Bassmnt.

The buildup of Markus’s set was very thrilling. If anyone reading this hasn’t seen the unicorn slayer in person, his set brings out so many emotions. Just like how every trance DJ can bring a certain emotion, Markus takes you on a rollercoaster of feels.

In true Schulz fashion, he opened up with ‘Bombay,’ a track that is growing day by day with fans. Once that first track hits you it’s like a wave in the ocean that hits you so hard. After that he played a few new IDs. That pretty much pumped up the crowd for what was coming. The build up to an amazing set was killing all the Schulz fans.

Markus during his whole set was impressed by the energy that was brought to him. As a trance producer for many years Markus responds to the energy that is brought to him. Even when he drops his classics or his new tracks the crowd goes wild. A highlight of the night was him dropping Golden Gate, his track he dedicated to the beautiful people of San Francisco. That track makes anyone smile. As the night came to a close, he dropped a track that he has produced with New World Punx, ‘Memories.’ The song describes that one moment, that one show, and that one DJ that makes you feel like you are in heaven. This set from Markus did just that. This one set will leave a lasting memory.

The trip to San Diego definitely was worth the craziness of the club. The crowd was not very friendly unlike most clubs but that didn’t ruin the night. Aside from Markus playing an epic set, after the show like he usually does, he signed a few autographs and took a few pictures. Markus knows who his loyal fans are, he’s always welcoming no matter what. Are you excited readers, next show that he is coming back to is his all night set at the Hollywood club, Avalon. That set is not something to miss.

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Desaree is originally from San Francisco, but she is currently living in Los Angeles. She has worked for The DJ List and Dancing Astronaut. A trance lover, her favorites include: Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, and David Gravell.

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