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ASOT 732 – A State of Trance Episode 732

ASOT 732 – A State of Trance Episode 732

ASOT 732 is up and running! Armin van Buuren had the infamous Grum open up this week’s show with ‘Something About You.’ This song is everywhere, and I love it! Other artists featured on the show include: Mino Safy, Eric Pyrdz, Cosmic Gate, and Arisen Flame. I have to say that Armin’s tracklist was a hit, and as always he delivered us a fantastic live show.

This week Eric Pyrdz took the Progressive Pick, with ‘Night Breed,’ a track from his new EP. Live listeners were extremely happy with this choice, and I can’t blame them, as I think we all love hearing new things from Prydz. That man has a way of completely captivating listeners with his incredible beats and addicting melodies. Armin played a long awaited track from Cosmic Gate as well, entitled ‘Yai (Here We Go Again)’ featuring JES on vocals in the Super8 & Tab remix. After hearing this track, it was definitely worth the wait. Cosmic Gate, you never fail to impress us!

If you’ve been tuned into other radio shows recently, you’ve probably heard of Algerian rising star, Mino Safy. On today’s live show, Mino Safy gave live listeners a sneak peek into his upcoming album, with two tracks, ‘Waiting For The Night’ and ‘Unique Ambiance.’ I am definitely excited to hear more from this man, as his tracks are pure trance. If you liked what you heard, you can get your hands on his new album, which will be released tomorrow through Euphonic Records.

I was so happy with this week’s Trending Track, Armin van Buuren’s personal remix of Faithless’s ‘We Come 1.’ After hearing this track on last week’s show, I instantly fell in love! Most people think, “How can a Faithless track get any better?” And the answer is simply, “Let Armin put his hands on it.” Armin closed out the show with ‘Miss A Day’ from the one and only, ATN. A fantastic way to end this week’s show if you ask me with one of the biggest trance tracks ever, a true classic! Give it a listen below!

After this episode, I am definitely looking forward to next week’s broadcast. Thanks for reading, and if you missed this week’s live show, tune in next Thursday at 2PM EST/11AM PST by clicking here.

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Featured ASOT 732 Tracks

Cosmic Gate & JES – Yai (Here We Go Again) (Super8 & Tab Remix)

Mino Safy
 – Unique Ambiance

 – We Come 1 (Armin van Buuren Remix)

 – Miss A Day

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From the South of England, Maeve is a trance lover at heart, after coming across it as a way to stay positive. It has stuck with her and became a big part of her life. Some of her favorite artists include: Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Sebastian Ingrosso, ATB, and Yotto.

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