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CC Radio 437: Corsten’s Countdown 437

CC Radio 437: Corsten’s Countdown 437

What would Wednesday’s be without Corsten’s Countdown?

This week’s episode featured a new track from Beat Service, a collaboration from Mr. Pit and Fisherman & Hawkins, and a world premiere from Ferry Corsten himself. And once again, we saw a new number 1 this week!

No surprise here, but Beat Service is back with another beautiful song featuring the angelic vocals of Sarah Lynn. The track, entitled ‘Dream Weaver,’ captivates listeners from beginning to end. It has a fantastic build up and an even better breakdown! The next track I want to highlight is ‘Doppelbanger’ by Mr Pit and Fisherman & Hawkins. I’ll always remember Mr Pit’s track ‘Shana’ from years ago, way before I was ever into trance. While I’ve only recently been introduced to F&H, I’ve really enjoyed listening to all of their tracks. For me, this one brings the best of both worlds and absolutely rocks. Hands down, this would be one fantastic track to hear live!

Last, but certainly not least, is Ferry’s debut of his first track off of his Hello World EP Part 3. The track is called ‘Follow You’ and is everything you would expect to come from a talented producer like Ferry Corsten. It’s definitely a winner in my books.

It’s no ‘Anahera,’ but to be honest, what is?

In third, we have last week’s number 1 track ‘Orbit’ by Pierre Pienaar. Followed second by, you guessed it, ‘Anahera.’ And finally, in first place,  we have ‘Broken Chains’ by Vander & Thomas. I think listener’s got it right, as this is a very well deserving top 3!

Same time next week Trance Family! Think we’ll see a new number 1? Maybe ‘Anahera’ drops out of the top 3. Who are we kidding, though?

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CC Radio 437: Corsten’s Countdown 437 Tracklist

CC Radio 437 Featured Tracks

Mr Pit vs Fisherman & Hawkins – Doppelbanger

Beat Service & Sarah Lynn – Dream Weaver

Ferry Corsten – Follow You

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Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, and now residing in Calgary, Corey has been listening to trance since he was 8. Up until 2013, it wasn't by choice, as his dad ran a radio show for a few years out of the university called "Intro to Trance." His favorite artists include: Above & Beyond, Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, and Mark Sixma.

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