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EFL045 – Electric for Life 045 – Gareth Emery

EFL045 – Electric for Life 045 – Gareth Emery

What makes Tuesdays so great?

Very sexy and very deep this week, EFL045 was the perfect choice to unwind and decompress. Most notably, we heard new tunes from Tristam, Jerome Isma-Ae, Jeremy Olander, and Yuji Ono. ‘Trakia’ by Yuji Ono was sure on fire! Gareth tweeted in regards to it:

You betcha, Gareth! Coincidentally, the track is so new that it is nowhere to be found on the web yet, so you HAVE to listen to the show to check it out. I wouldn’t dare deceive you, it’s pure genius!

Listeners absolutely loved Martijn Ten Velden’s remix of ‘Guitarra G’ by Banda Sonara. Simply put, “Whoa!” Nothing beats the use of real instruments, even in dance music. We also have some Sunny Lax therapy today and I downright cherish his signature sound. Hungarian pride in the house! The man is severely skilled and he never disappoints. I mean, who doesn’t love going on a cosmic voyage through trance? ‘See You On The Other Side’ couldn’t be a better title to that track.

Hardwell and AvB’s ‘Off The Hook’ took the title of EFL Anthem again this week, and no one’s mad about that. The collaboration of the year cannot be unloved. The week’s Classic went to one of Gareth’s own tracks, with Ashley Wallbridge’s extended remix of ‘Arrival’ featuring Brute Force. With an increase in tempo towards the closing of the show, we had some BT & Ilan Bluestone with ‘All These Wounds,’ and a perfect climax to today’s show with the angelic vocals of Christina Novelli in ‘Starlight‘ by Dennis Sheperd.

Side note: It is said that you can “Rewire” you brain to be happy by simply recalling 3 things you’re grateful for for 21 days. I hope EFL makes your list every Tuesday. Anyways, have a great week!

Electric for Life 045: EFL045 Tracklist

Featured EFL045 Tracks

BT & Ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang – All These Wounds

Sebastian Ingrosso & Tommy Trash feat. John Martin – Reload (David Gravell Remix)

Dennis Sheperd feat. Christina Novelli – Starlight

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I hail from Port-au-Prince, Haiti (like Michael Brun) where the EDM scene (blended with spellbinding island drums) is rapidly growing. I fell madly in love with the sounds of ATB in the late 90’s, and have been entranced since the age of 13. I hope to inspire people through my articles to pursue their dreams with the sound of music. -In Trance We Trust-

  • JD

    ‘Off the hook’ the collaboration of the year? Jesus. That steaming pile of garbage shouldn’t be anywhere near a trance blog.

    • Robb Arrow

      I think she meant it more as an unexpected collaboration. I listened to it. I wouldn’t call it garbage, but I wasn’t fond of it.

    • Christine Courtois

      Thanks for reading though!

      • JD

        Hahahahah +1

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