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FSOE 405: Future Sound of Egypt 405 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 405: Future Sound of Egypt 405 – Aly & Fila

You can’t say the word Egypt without thinking of Aly & Fila, and you can’t think of Aly & Fila without talking about their radio show, Future Sound Of Egypt! Every Monday they reach many people from all over the world with this broadcast and touch not only our ears as the music comes through the speakers, but also our souls with the amazing dynamic sounds. They usually broadcast it on Mondays and they weren’t able to get it uploaded on time yesterday, but no worries because it’s up today and they definitely did not disappoint! No matter what day of the week, they always deliver an hour of heartfelt, meaningful, exciting music!

In Future Sound Of Egypt Episode 405, we get to hear the live broadcast from Argentina, and even if you weren’t there to experience it in person, you can definitely feel the euphoric vibes through your speakers! This episode starts off strong with the amazing track ‘Modern Age’ by Symbolic & Avalon. As soon as you hear it, you get a burst of powerful energy that keeps you engaged and anticipating what’s next! With music also from Future Antics and more amazing talent, this whole episode is very exciting all the way through. Of course we can’t forget all the music from the very skillful Aly & Fila with their very warm, expressive and undeniable music! There is definitely no lack of greatness in FSOE 405, and you can obviously be prepared to get the feels when listening to it from beginning to end!

Aly & Fila definitely accomplished delivering a message of unity, evolution and optimism with this episode! This FSOE 405 made us dance, let go of everything else going on in the world and get lost in the music, and I already can’t wait to do it all again next week!

Future Sound of Egypt 405: FSOE 405 Tracklist

  1. Avalon & Symbolic – Modern Age
  2. Paul Denton – Protocol
  3. Adam Ellis – Culture Vulture (Vlind Remix)
  4. Aly & Fila feat. Chris Jones – Running Out of Time (Uplifting Mix)
  5. ID – ID
  6. Darren Porter – Deep Blue
  7. Kheiro & Medi vs. Natasha Atlas – Maktub (Kheiro & Rework)
  8. Members Of Mayday – 10 in 01 (Omar Sherif Rework)
  9. Future Antics – Twisted
  10. Wavetraxx – Ursprung
  11. Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call (ID Remix)
  12. ID – ID
  13. ID – ID

Featured FSOE 405 Tracks

Symbolic & Avalon – Modern Age

Bryan Kearney – Wake Up Call

Future Antics – Twisted

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