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FSOE 411: Future Sound of Egypt 411 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 411: Future Sound of Egypt 411 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 411! Time for some Monday magic with Aly & Fila, in Future Sound Of Egypt 411! This episode starts off with Fila talking about his sprained ankle, as he got the injury from falling off of the stairs a day before his weekend show. On the Aly & Fila Instagram there is even a picture of Fila having to do his show in Columbia while sitting on a stool! Even with his hurt ankle he believes that the show must go on, so he has still been traveling and delivering mind blowing sets all across the globe. I’m glad he’s doing alright and I know I speak for everyone at Trance Life, when I wish him a speedy recovery!

But on to the music.. this episode is jam packed with some great new tunes for all of us! In particular, one of the tracks that I loved was Daniel Skyver’s remix of ‘Back To Life’ by Somna & Jennifer Rene. The vocals are beyond amazing in this one, as they are so expressive and heartfelt. The tender melodies paired with Jennifer’s distinct vocals are unmatched. Take it from me, if you haven’t heard it yet, this is definitely one track worth your time. Unfortunately, Daniel’s remix has not been released, but I’ve included the original below!

My favorite uplifting track in this episode was ‘Pinnacle’ by JP Bates. The emotional piano sequences mixed with the unreal acid bassline will you leave you breathless. Of course, everyone looks forward to the FSOE Wonder Of The Week, and this week it was ‘Paradisum’ by Ahmed Romel! You just have to love the distinctive instrumentals throughout this one. It carries such a magical sound from beginning to end that it will have you feeling the love throughout the entire week!

We let go of the stress of the world, we listened and loved in another magical episode of FSOE! All of this trance not only makes us dance, but it also gives us an hour of music that helps us escape reality and appreciate what it really means to be alive. As always, Aly & Fila delivered exactly what we needed to start the week – bright and supercharged! So turn up the volume, get the good vibes flowing and enjoy Future Sound Of Egypt 411!

Future Sound of Egypt 411: FSOE 411 Tracklist

Featured FSOE 411 Tracks

Somna & Jennifer Rene – Back To Life (Original Mix)

JP Bates – Pinnacle

Ahmed Romel – Paradisum

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