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FSOE 412: Future Sound of Egypt 412 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 412: Future Sound of Egypt 412 – Aly & Fila

It’s time for your favorite part of Monday! Aly & Fila are here with FSOE 412 and they definitely have lots of amazing, new music in store for us today! Fila starts this episode and explains how he is still going strong and recently spent the weekend in China even though he is still injured. It might be painful and hard on him, but I know we are all giving him huge props for not letting anything get in the way and stop him from keeping the crowds happy!

Prepare yourself once again to be amazed! One of my favorites in this episode was ‘Love Again’ by ReOrder and Katty Heath! The great thing about this track is how all of the amazing elements fit perfectly together. I instantly fell in love with the beat, I loved its distinctive sound and I love how it keeps me moving! Right before this was the Wonder of the Week, which was ‘Only The Memories’ by Dan Stone featuring Victoria Shersick, and lucky for us, this one is going to be released this week! Those vocals are so striking and the flowing beat makes you feel all warm inside! If you are looking for the perfect track to keep you engaged and make your heart happy, this is definitely the one you are looking for! This episode has been so exciting and every track captures your attention, sets the mood, and keeps you wanting more!

It’s been another amazing episode of FSOE, filled with beautiful tunes and great vibes to get our week started on the right track. There’s nothing better than this hour of powerful music to make us open up our ears, mind and heart. Aly & Fila put together a variety of tracks that definitely kept us hooked and set the perfect tone for our day!

So unplug from the outside world, tune in to the music, and get taken away by the euphoric sounds of Future Sound Of Egypt!

Future Sound of Egypt 412: FSOE 412 Tracklist

Featured FSOE 412 Tracks

Matt Bowdidge – Final Rising

Dan Stone feat. Victoria Shersick – Only The Memories

Craig Connelly – History

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