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FSOE 413: Future Sound of Egypt 413 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 413: Future Sound of Egypt 413 – Aly & Fila

It’s time to unwind and open up your mind with this amazing episode of FSOE 413! Each and every week, we have been following Fila’s progress with his injury and even though there was no mention of it in today’s episode, I think it’s safe to say that he’s doing a lot better! As always, they start the week off right with some much needed Trance!

There are so many tracks in this particular episode that I loved, but one that really touched my heart was this week’s Wonder entitled ‘Deep Blue’ by Darren Porter. I loved the beautiful instrumental at the beginning and how it set the tone for the rest of the song. The beat is absolutely magical and it definitely has such an exciting and engaging sound that you can feel in your core!

As always, there was some new music and one of my favorites was ‘Crossing Lights’ by Giuseppe Ottaviani! I loved the energy in this track, as well as the powerful beat. He always brings such a dynamic sound when it comes to his tracks and I loved how this tune follows that same pattern of memorable music that we can’t get enough of.

Aly & Fila definitely did not disappoint in today’s episode! Our ears heard the euphoric Trance, our hearts felt the love, and our minds are now on the right track and prepared for the long week ahead. This has not only been another episode of touching tunes, but also another episode of undeniably good feelings. So turn it up, forget everything else for this next hour, and get blown away by the sounds of Future Sound Of Egypt 413!

Future Sound of Egypt 413: FSOE 413 Tracklist

Featured FSOE 413 Tracks

James Dymond – Deep Down Below

Darren Porter – Deep Blue

Giuseppe Ottaviani – Crossing Lights

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