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FSOE 414: Future Sound of Egypt 414 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 414: Future Sound of Egypt 414 – Aly & Fila

If you’re feeling a little bummed and having the Monday blues, have no fear, Aly & Fila are here to save the day with FSOE 414! Fila starts this one off by describing his recent travels and the shows he’s done in Slovakia and the UK this past weekend. I’m sure anyone who was lucky enough to be in the crowd had an amazing time, and with all the beautiful tunes that Aly & Fila make it’s kind of impossible not to have a great experience!

As always, this episode starts off extremely powerful with ‘Losing Precious Moments’ by Hoyaa. At the beginning, the striking beat grabs your attention, then flows into this very smooth, uplifting melodic sound that you can’t turn away from. You get taken away by each note that leaves the speakers, flows through your ears and goes straight to your heart. This is definitely a tune that you can feel from the inside out! Another track I can’t get enough of is ‘Deep Down Below’ by James Dymond. I’m beyond addicted to the amazing energy and excitement in this one!

FSOE 414 has so many great tracks to keep you feeling the good vibes throughout the week! With all of these euphoric sounds I think it’s safe to say that we all got the feels and now we’re definitely ready to start the day. All the music and all the good vibes in this episode has worked together to keep us dancing and feeling great. No matter where you are in the world, Aly & Fila have united us all through the beautiful sounds of trance to bring us together and make us feel the music!

So turn up the volume, let FSOE 414 guide you through your day and enjoy!

Future Sound of Egypt 414: FSOE 414 Tracklist

Featured FSOE 414 Tracks

Hoyaa – Losing Precious Moments

Sunlight Project – Singapore

James Dymond – Deep Down Below

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