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FSOE 417: Future Sound of Egypt 417 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 417: Future Sound of Egypt 417 – Aly & Fila

The beautiful trance and continuous uplifting vibes are non-stop in FSOE 417! It’s the beginning of the week and Aly & Fila are here to save the day. Between the Future Sound, Wonder of the Week, and all the other awesome tracks in today’s episode, there is so much to look forward to. I know you’re ready to get the feels going strong, so let’s jump right into it!

This episode starts off strong with ‘Under The Surface’ by Startail! I love the smooth and uplifting sound of this one, as it gives off everything you want to hear and feel when you think of the perfect trance track. The beautiful melody, expressive beat and undeniable passionate vibe are all included in this amazing song!

There are so many wonderful tracks to hear today, but one that is impossible not to love is ‘Mesmerise’ by Will Atkinson & Rowetta. The vocals are so powerful that they demand all of your attention! The track’s title is beyond perfect, as the combination of amazing vocals and the intensity of the dynamic beat keeps you mesmerized from start to finish. With all of these beautiful tunes, you are guaranteed to fall in love with today’s episode.

FSOE 417 has successfully brought us to our happy place! The music entered our ears and filled our hearts with pure love. These amazing vibes will fuel you with just the right amount of energy to ignore the negativity and embrace the good things in life. I definitely feel like a life without FSOE would be a sad one, but luckily for us Aly & Fila continue to give us exactly what we need. Let the appealing sounds of Future Sound of Egypt 417 get your week started the right way!

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Future Sound of Egypt 417: FSOE 417 Tracklist

FSOE 417 Featured Tracks

Startail – Under The Surface

Will Atkinson & Rowetta – Mesmerise

Liam Wilson – Soul Searcher

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