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FSOE 421: Future Sound of Egypt 421 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 421: Future Sound of Egypt 421 – Aly & Fila

It’s time for Aly & Fila to get us pumped for the week ahead with FSOE 421! This episode starts off with Aly & Fila saying that they are home, and it is now time for the studio. They mentioned that the new album is “looking really promising” and is set to be released in 2016, which I know you are all super excited about! I think it’s safe to say that we have something amazing to look forward to in the new year.

So as usual, FSOE features new tunes and great music that we can’t get enough of! Most notably, I loved Chris Metcalfe’s remix of ‘Hands’ by Gareth Emery and Alastor. This song is beyond euphoric, and the vocals by London Thor are so soft and beautiful. In my mind, she has the voice of an angel! The melody is more than addicting, so it’s easy to see why this one is a staple in Gareth’s sets. Of course, we have to talk about today’s Wonder of the Week, which was ‘Fleeting Moments’ by A & Z featuring Leolani. The energy is amazing in this track! The delicious beat combined with Leolani’s incredible vocals demands your full attention and keeps you engaged from beginning to end.

Today’s FSOE was more than enough to keep us happy and feeling the positive vibes. It’s so amazing to see what a positive impact Trance has on everyone who listens to it, and it’s great to feel those good vibes so early in the week. We spread the peace, we felt the love, we continue to be united, and we have nothing but respect for Aly & Fila for delivering these beautiful tunes. So for these next 60 minutes leave everything else behind, tune in, and enjoy FSOE 421!

Don’t forget about next week’s FSOE 422 on Monday, December 14th at 4 PM EST/1 PM PST.

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Future Sound of Egypt 421: FSOE 421 Tracklist

FSOE 421 Featured Tracks

Gareth Emery & Alastor feat. London Thor – Hands (Chris Metcalfe Remix)

A & Z feat. Leolani – Fleeting Moments

Alex van ReeVe & F.G. Noise – Starscream

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