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FSOE 424: Future Sound of Egypt 424 – Aly & Fila

FSOE 424: Future Sound of Egypt 424 – Aly & Fila

The end of the year is soon approaching, and I know you can feel the divine energy in the air. What’s, even more, exciting is today’s Future Sound of Egypt is the last episode of the year! In FSOE 424, Aly & Fila are continuing last week’s show by providing the final 15 tracks in their Top 30 for 2015.

There were so many great records that made up the Top 15. I particularly loved the beautiful, soothing melody in ‘Valiant’ by Fady & Mina, which came in at #7, and I can’t get enough of the FSOE 400 anthem, ‘A New Age’ by Aly & Fila with Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal, which came in at #4! Prominent producers like ReOrder, Giuseppe Ottaviani, Ferry Corsten and so many others made it into the top 15, but I know you are all anxious to hear who got this year’s #1 spot…

Coming in at #1 and getting the 2015 Wonder of The Year title is Dan Stone’s rework of ‘See The Sun’ by Matt Darey featuring Kate Louise Smith. This one has everything you could want in a track! You get blown away by her angelic voice, you get lost in the smooth beat, and the energy puts you into an intense state of euphoria. ‘See The Sun’ is the perfect track to come in at #1, not only because of the beautiful sound but also for the way it makes you feel. I promise you, you will get lost in the music in today’s episode!

2015 has been an incredible year, and Aly & Fila have delivered beautiful tunes that have helped us have great moments and wonderful memories! All the music in today’s episode has made us remember this year, but now it’s time to look forward to the future. Aly & Fila have given us hope, united us from all over the world, and uplifted us through the music all year long. The next episode of Future Sound of Egypt, FSOE 425, will be in 2016 so, for now, enjoy today’s music, have an epic week filled with happiness, and we will continue the fantastic music next year. Have an amazing New Years Eve, and see you in 2016!

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Future Sound of Egypt 424: FSOE 424 Tracklist

FSOE 424 Featured Tracks

Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts feat. Kate Louise Smith – See The Sun (Dan Stone Rework)

Aly & Fila with Omar Sherif & Jonathan Carvajal – A New Age (FSOE 400 Anthem)

Fady & Mina – Valiant

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