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Global DJ Broadcast Dec 17 2015 (Year in Review)

Global DJ Broadcast Dec 17 2015 (Year in Review)

Another year has passed, and this week’s edition of GDJB featured some of the most memorable tracks of 2015. The tracks Markus includes in a World Tour set can make you flash back to the special moments in your life that correlated with those extraordinary sets, but in this Year in Review show, we relived all of those beautiful memories in a 2-hour span. I’m a little sad that this year is ending because I truly believe it was an amazing year for trance. Here are the highlights that made this show personal.

But first I have to share Markus’s introduction as I believe it will resonate with all of you, as much as I did for me:

“As the holiday season approaches, we begin to reflect on everything that has occurred in our lives over the past 12 months, shaped by a soundtrack of melodies and moments.”

On that note, the first track of the set, ‘Destiny,’ should never go unnoticed as it’s an enticing tale of two people who are fated for each other. I can relate because this track will always remind me of my other half. I instantly fell in love with this one when I first heard it in person during the World Tour episode in San Francisco. If I could go back to that moment, I would. The song is so beautifully written (by Markus himself) and of course, he had to feature it on the Year in Review show as it’s been his most successful track this year.

I might sound like I’m stuck on repeat, but ‘Knockout’ is by far one of my favorite tracks from 2015. Coldharbour Recordings may have a lot of talent, but Ron Alperin is a standout because of this track. And Markus isn’t the only one that has featured it in his mixes, as Nifra, M.I.K.E. Push, and Grube & Hovsepian have all selected it for numerous sets. I get excited every time I hear it, as it reminds me of the World Tour show at Avalon. It’s been a huge track this year, so you can easily see, or better yet, hear, why Markus had to feature it in this episode.

To wrap up this Year in Review podcast is a track that combined two of dance music most talented producers, Markus Schulz and Morgan Page. To reciprocate for Morgan Page’s remix of ‘Destiny,’ Markus does a bang up job creating a trance mix of Page’s ‘Open Heart.’ It’s an explosive track that Markus has featured in a countless number of podcasts and live sets, and I remember the first week he featured it; I was hooked! Markus had the right mind to remix it because the original version doesn’t do justice to Lissie’s beautiful vocals. I’m sure that this will not be the last time that we hear this delicious remix!

2015 was a beautiful year for so many reasons, including instant-classic tracks like ‘Destiny’ and ‘Anahera,’ World Tour episodes that summon beautiful memories, and of course, my own Markus coming into my life. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those times, but I’m excited for what the future holds! Especially another OTC set at Avalon on February 27th!

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Global DJ Broadcast Dec 17 2015 Tracklist

GDJB Featured Tracks

Markus Schulz feat. Delacey – Destiny

Ron Alperin – Knockout

Morgan Page ft. Lissie – Open Heart (Markus Schulz Remix)

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