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Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast: GDJB 08-06-2015

Markus Schulz – Global DJ Broadcast: GDJB 08-06-2015

On the heels of the legendary Avalon OTC set, (I am so not ready for what is in store for me) another Ibiza Summer Sessions GDJB episode is here. This particluar edition was by far one of my favorites of the series. A mix of chill summer tracks and brand new IDs, this episode of Global DJ Broadcast filled me with immense happiness.

Starting off with a bang, Markus throws out a track that is a definite festival staple – to say the least. The Purple Stories’ remix of Roman Messer & Denis Sender pulsed through my veins! I can’t help but smile when I listen to it because it’s a track that makes you instantly flashback to festival season. Robert Messer is a new artist that is slowly taking over the trance community. His first single was featured on Robert Shah’s Magic Island Volume 4 and he even has support from the Unicorn Slayer himself. Mark Sixma is starting to become one of my favorites because his tracks are truly remarkable and one-of-a-kind. His new track ‘Steller’ was featured on GDJB this week, and honestly it is a powerful boom of trance right to your face. The track is fresh off the presses with it being released just last week!

As anyone will tell you, I’m a huge fan of Above & Beyond. Not only were they one of the first artists I’ve seen live, but they have given me so many happy memories throughout the years. It’s a bittersweet feeling when I see them anywhere. Those feels that I get every time I hear them, take ahold and never let me go. As such, Above & Beyond’s club mix of ‘Counting Down The Days’ featuring Gemma Hayes truly makes me feel as if I’m there watching them for the first time. This is truly one remarkable track that I know will stay with me for the rest of my life.

This week’s GDJB was one that mentally prepared me for my first Open to Close set at Avalon. Unless you’re a Markus fan, you probably won’t understand the connection that the Unicorn Slayer has with his fans. Not only through his live sets but through his podcast. For those of you who are going to Avalon, I can’t wait to see you! For those of you that can’t make it, don’t worry, as I’ll be sharing this experience with all of you!

GDJB 08-06-2015 Tracklist

  1. Markus Schulz & Vassy – Tomorrow Never Dies (Bombay) (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Remix)
  2. Roman Messer & Denis Sender – New Life (Purple Stories Remix)
  3. Tenishia & Adina Butar – Don’t Let Go
  4. Kamil Esten & Juliet Lyons – Can’t Stop (Mobil Dub)
  5. Nifra ft. Seri – Army of Lights
  6. Markus Schulz – Daybreak (Boom)
  7. Mark Sixma – Stellar
  8. Eric Prydz – Opus     [Global Selection]
  9. Jerome Isma-Ae – Hold That Sucker Down (Jerome Isma-Ae 10 Year Anniversary Mix)
  10. Judge Jules – Turn On the Lights
  11. ID
  12. Michael Badal & Sue McLaren – Recapture (Dimension Remix)
  13. Bobina – Maharaja
  14. Saer & Cadence & Monoverse – PME
  15. Elevation vs. Grube & Hovsepian – City of Angels (Purple Stories Remix)
  16. Rio Addicts – Crossroads     [Classic of the Week]
  17. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Our Foggy Trips
  18. Max Graham – Airtight (Tim Penner Remix)
  19. Alex O’Rion – Electrifying Love
  20. Eric Prydz – Generate (Orkidea Remix)
  21. ID
  22. Danilo Ercole – Reset
  23. M.I.K.E. Push vs. Mike EFEX – Transtemporal
  24. CBM & The Sky People – Orbis
  25. Tom Cloud – The Longest Road
  26. Above & Beyond ft. Gemma Hayes – Counting Down the Days (Above & Beyond Club Mix)
  27. Sensetive5 & Elevate – Reflections (Craft Integrated Remix)
  28. Genesis – Supernova
  29. Stoneface & Terminal – Venus (2015 Rework)
  30. Solis & Sean Truby – Armadillo (Dave Neven Remix)
  31. Dimension – Moments
  32. Markus Schulz ft. Delacey – Destiny     [In Memory of Ariane Breault]

Featured GDJB Tracks

Roman Messer & Denis Sender – New Life (Purple Stories Remix)

Mark Sixma – Stellar

Above & Beyond ft.. Gemma Hayes – Counting Down the Days (Above & Beyond Club Mix)

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