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Global DJ Broadcast Jan 07 2016 (Classics Showcase)

Global DJ Broadcast Jan 07 2016 (Classics Showcase)

After a two week break from GDJB, we are back with the first podcast of 2016. Of course, it’s a Classics Showcase of some of the most influential moments in our era. I can truthfully admit that I’m not a huge fan of classic trance, mainly because I wasn’t a part of the scene during those days, but Markus undoubtedly picked out the perfect tracks to showcase the talent that has made trance what it is today.

My first feature is a track that reminds me of Paul van Dyk and Armin van Buuren’s sound. ‘I Feel Loved’ by Greg Murray is a simple track that can bring out intense emotions from any trance fan. It was originally released in 2003 and was a staple in just about every trance set at that time. It’s no surprise that Markus added this one in his Classics Showcase, as I discovered through research that he used to include it in his sets in the early ’00s. Another track that stood out in this episode is a collaboration between two powerhouses – BT & Sasha. ‘Remember Magnetic North’ is an incredibly deep vocal trance record that is pure magic. It has been featured in numerous GDJB Classic episodes, and I believe it still thrives in our scene. One listen, and you’ll be ferried away to Trance Heaven. Of course, we have to wrap up this particular GDJB with a track from the boss himself. ‘65.4Hz’ is directly from Do You Dream, which is one of my all-time favorite albums from Markus Schulz. Released in 2010, it was a huge hit and became a calling card for Markus’s style at that time.

I know classic trance will always be around in our community, and it will always represent our starting point for what trance is now. I fully enjoyed this podcast and applauded Markus for his track selection in this edition of Global DJ Broadcast. I demand more classic trance in any set by any artist! Join us next week for another edition of GDJB.

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Global DJ Broadcast Jan 07 2016 Tracklist

GDJB Featured Tracks

Greg Murray – I Feel Loved

BT vs. Sasha – Remember Magnetic North

Markus Schulz – 65.4Hz

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Desaree is originally from San Francisco, but she is currently living in Los Angeles. She has worked for The DJ List and Dancing Astronaut. A trance lover, her favorites include: Markus Schulz, Armin van Buuren, and David Gravell.

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