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Global DJ Broadcast Oct 22 2015 (with Tenishia)

Global DJ Broadcast Oct 22 2015 (with Tenishia)

This week’s studio session of GDJB featured a special guest mix by Tenishia, a group that won the Best Newcomer Award in 2005. They have been playing festivals for years and it’s no surprise that Markus allowed them to feature their newest releases to the Coldharbour family. In this particular episode, Markus also debuted an extremely special track, which is the first step in his own personal journey that he is about to embark on. As always, this episode is one that is definitely worth your time!

My first highlight in this episode is the aforementioned track written by Markus Schulz himself. I personally like the direction he is heading in, embracing this hidden talent of his. We all know Markus, the producer and DJ, but now we get to see a completely different side of him, which is Markus, the songwriter. I can truthfully say that this club mix of ‘Facedown’ featuring Soundland is one of the best tracks I’ve ever heard from him. It gives me the feels similar to those I got at my first ever trance show. I am beyond obsessed with it now and I can’t wait to hear it in a live set!

I wouldn’t love Markus if he didn’t drop some Gareth Emery into his podcast. Solis & Sean Truby’s remix of ‘Another You Another Me’ is a perfect example of a remix that stays true to its predecessor’s sound. One track that I need to mention, but I didn’t highlight as a feature is Jerome Isma-Ae’s remix of BT & Ilan Bluesone’s ‘All These Wounds’ featuring Stef Lang. I will certainly be blasting this one on the way to work every day from now on, as it nothing short of pure genius. But my final feature is one that is going to drive you insane! If you can keep yourself from dancing with this one on, you have some serious self-control. Tenishia’s remix of ‘Show Me A New World’ left me speechless. The only thing I can tell you is that you must listen to it for yourself, as it is one ridiculous remix of an already perfect track.

If you haven’t subscribed to GDJB yet, I highly suggest you do so now. Markus is going to be home for a few days before heading back on the road, but one stop he will be making is Escape from Wonderland in San Bernardino. I’m very sad that I’ll be missing our glorious Unicorn Slayer, but we will meet again!

Global DJ Broadcast Oct 22 2015 Tracklist

Featured GDJB Tracks

Markus Schulz feat. Soundland – Facedown (Club Mix)

Gareth Emery & Lange – Another You Another Me (Solis & Sean Truby Remix)

Tenishia & Somna feat. Michele C – Show Me A New World (Tenishia Remix)

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