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Global DJ Broadcast World Tour Mexico City

Global DJ Broadcast World Tour Mexico City

Here we are, it’s finally world tour time people!

Markus journeys to Mexico City in this particular world tour edition of GDJB. I’ve heard a lot of episodes this year of his travels around the world, but this is by far one of my favorites to add to the collection. You can tell by the yelling in the background just how much energy this crowd had. So just sit back and enjoy!

This week, I actually decided to pick only classics, as the entire set reminded me of the greatness that is Markus Schulz. My first track that I featured gets a major facelift, so to speak. If anyone truly knows me, they’ll know I’m a HUGE FAN of ‘Perception.’ I have featured it numerous times before, as it’s one of my all-time favorites. This time, Rafaël Frost has created a perfect remix to a Schulz classic. It stays true to the original, so I just know all of you will love it as much as I do!

Next we have ‘Message in the Sky,’ which has a vocal track added to ‘Remember This.’ I love the latter, as it always reminds me of Markus’s ASOT sets. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this remake, but I’m one of the few that think it’s to die for. Great vocals like this are what suck me into a track.

Last, but certainly not least, is Harry Square’s remix to another Schulz classic, ‘Love Rain Down,’ featuring the heavenly vocals of Seri. The first time I heard this one, I swear a tiny tear swept across my cheek. Again, the vocals are what threw me over the edge. If you haven’t heard of Harry Square, do yourself a favor and listen to ALL of his tracks right now! I promise you, you won’t regret it.

Adios! That was one amazing set. You can definitely tell that the beautiful people of Mexico City enjoyed this set as much as I did. I’m extremely sad, as Markus was in San Diego last night and I missed it, making it the second time this year. Ferry actually made an appearance as well, so I know that my SoCal family had fun! See you all next week, until then, we have these amazing tunes to keep us going!

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Global DJ Broadcast World Tour Mexico City Tracklist

GDJB World Tour Mexico City Featured Tracks

Markus Schulz feat. Justine Suissa – Perception (Rafaël Frost Remix)

Markus Schulz feat. Seri – Message In The Sky (Remember This)

Markus Schulz feat. Seri – Love Rain Down (Harry Square Remix)

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