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ABGT 148: Group Therapy 148 with 16 Bit Lolitas

ABGT 148: Group Therapy 148 with 16 Bit Lolitas

The best part about being in a group is that you don’t
have to do everything alone.

Instilling that mentality in us all is what really resonated with me when I heard this fan quote about the Group Therapy experience. ’It makes you live like today is your last day.’ To the outside world this may seem a bit farfetched. However, if you’ve ever been to a trance event, or an EDM event in general, those words make perfect sense. We live for the everlasting memories we continuously create at shows; where we sing along with thousands of people to our favorite songs, meet and create bonds with perfect strangers, and embrace our loved ones in the moment of the pulsing melody. The music allows us to free ourselves from inhibitions and get lost in a song. Group Therapy shows us how powerful this music is, of how therapeutic it is to the soul, helping guide us past the negativity of life’s everyday worries and hardships.

Jono, Tony, and Paavo, show us all that our Group Therapy can be shared with the world, no matter how far away they may seem. Every one of us has our own story, our own way of finding our personal ‘group therapy’ through this moving music. It’s what brings our scene together. No matter how different we all may be, we are all connected through the music we love and share. That is why I am so passionate when I write every Friday. Further proving, goosebumps truly do not lie.

All week leads to this…

Today’s ABGT 148 gave me some pretty intense emotions. This week’s episode has Anjunadeep’s 16 Bit Lolitas and their very own guest mix, as well as some good ol’ beats from Super 8 & Tab. Go ahead and spend the last ‘Summer Nights’ on the dance floor with Meramek’s remix of Kaskade & The Brocks’ ode to the end of a season. The UK DJ/Producer has transformed the track that emerged as an anthem for the passing of Summer; retaining the dream-like-state of the original, while adding a bass heavy melodic house hook that will keep you dancing well into the Fall. If you didn’t know, Kaskade actually took his stage name from a nature book when he saw a picture of a waterfall and a co-worker agreed “cascade” was a good choice, but he then changed the spelling.

Alex Klingle has so much energy and ambiance in his tracks, supplementing them with incredible melodies and vocals. It’s always a pleasure seeing his remixes on Group Therapy. I, of course, have to talk about Grum again with his track ‘First Contact.’ Takes me back! He gives us strong, early-day Anjunadeep vibes. It definitely wouldn’t have been misplaced on Deep Volume 01. Needless to say, I adore it!

Peter and Ariaan (16 Bit Lolitas) consistently turn in tight productions that stand out in a crowded market place with each piece patiently crafted and produced with emotion and care. My second favorite track on Anjunadeep Volume 07 is actually 16 Bit Lolita’s ‘Love Left.’ It’s so nice to know there are producers out there capable of making real deep house…. Melody, rhythm, lyrics, and that driving bass line. I appreciate 16 Bit and Anjunadeep for keeping in mind the fans that have been following them since their origin in 2005.
[divider]Group Therapy 148: ABGT 148 Tracklist[/divider]

  1. Boom Jinx & Meredith Call – Bring Me Back Around
  2. George MaCauley – Bavaro
  3. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Fly To New York (Above & Beyond vs. Jason Ross Club Mix)
  4. Kaskade feat. The Brocks – Summer Nights (Meramek Remix)     [Record of the Week]
  5. Cazzette – Dancing With Your Ghost (Spencer Brown Club Mix)
  6. BT & ilan Bluestone feat. Stef Lang – All These Wounds (Nick Sember Remix)
  7. Estiva & Skouners feat. Delaney Jane – Playing With Fire (Alex Klingle Remix)
  8. Zack Shaar – Showdown
  9. Thomas Hayes feat. Joni Fatura – Neon (Rodrigo Deem Dub Mix)
  10. Nathan Rux – Sunset Trip
  11. Kris Maydak – Wind Of Change
  12. Alexey Sonar – Velvet
  13. Matt Lange – My Love Aside
  14. Mike Koglin & MoodFreak pres. Sudhaus – Dawn
  15. Fatum – Take Me Back     [Push the Button]
  16. LTN & Ad Brown – Symphony
  17. Grum – First Contact
  18. Gai Barone – Anzoo
  19. Alex O ’Rion – People Under The Stairs
  20. Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton – Empire     [Flashback]
[divider]ABGT 148: 16 Bit Lolitas Guest Mix Tracklist[/divider]
  1. 16 Bit Lolitas feat. Lucy Iris – More Than Music
  2. 16 Bit Lolitas – Sediment
  3. 16 Bit Lolitas – Love Left
  4. ID – ID
  5. 16 Bit Lolitas feat. Lucy Iris – Stardust

Featured ABGT 148 Tracks

Kaskade feat. The Brocks – Summer Nights (Meramek Remix)

Super8 & Tab feat. Jan Burton – Empire

16 Bit Lolitas – Love Left

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