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ABGT 150: Group Therapy 150

ABGT 150: Group Therapy 150

The night, or morning depending where you watched from, we have all been waiting for came and went with some amazing music and announcements. I was literally counting down the days since ABGT100 for this… Ten thousand and three of the happiest, luckiest people in the world got to experience Lane 8, Grum, Above & Beyond, and Ilan Bluestone at the Allphones Arena in Sydney, Australia.

ABGT 150: Lane 8

Daniel Goldstein, better known as Lane 8, got the main room party started with his remix of ‘Miradors’ by Solomon Grey. He has been rising up the Anjunadeep ranks since his debut album ‘Rise’ got released back in July. Having been apart of the Anjunadeep family for a few years now, he’s used to having opening duties for Above & Beyond, including opening for them along their North America tour.

ABGT 150: Grum

Second up on the main stage was Scottish producer Grum. What I really enjoyed about his set was that every track played, apart from Pryda, were all his original tracks and remixes. I had the pleasure of seeing him back in May when he and Amtrac opened up for Above & Beyond on the We Are All We Need tour. Being the snob I was, I was hoping to see Andrew Bayer, Ilan Bluestone, or even Mat Zo open for A&B. Little did I realize how much I would enjoy Anjunadeep openers!

ABGT 150: Above & Beyond

Our favorite trio said “Hello” to Sydney the only way they know how. The first major surprise was arguably the biggest moment of the entire show, the return of Oceanlab. Now I have only been an Above & Beyond fanatic for a little over a year now, but between the likes of Satellite, On a Good Day, and Sirens of the Sea, it’s safe to say people were ecstatic to hear about the return and subsequent new release. The track entitled ‘Another Chance,’ was an instant hit with a slow, yet heartwarming buildup followed by an incredibly energetic drop. Two songs later, we heard Andrew Bayer’s new single ‘Nobody Told Me.’ What an absolutely fantastic tune this one is. The first hour ends with a new untitled track by A&B themselves. Surely to be a mainstay in their sets for quite some time, the track is rather mellow given their recent releases, but still it does not disappoint.

The second hour was full of a bunch of unreleased tracks and bootlegs. There are no words to describe Ilan Bluestone’s bootleg of ‘Sky Falls Down’ and ’43,’ as nothing in the english dictionary can do it justice. I was personally surprised to hear them playing ’43’ when Ilan was coming on next, but I was completely in awe when I heard Justine Suissa’s voice. Simply beautiful! We then heard a new ID from Andrew Bayer, which I will definitely be keeping an eye out for, as he has yet to disappoint me. Following that, we heard Kyau & Albert’s remix of ‘Treasure’ by Above & Beyond. I’ve been desperately hoping to hear a remix or club mix of this song, as it is one of my favorites from their recent releases. The last track I want to highlight is Jason Ross’s remix of Above & Beyond’s ‘Alone Tonight,’ as his tracks basically dominated the second half of Above & Beyond’s set.

ABGT 150: Ilan Bluestone

To close out ABGT 150, Ilan Bluestone opened up with his first solo produced vocal track entitled ‘Bigger Than Love.’ It is a bit different than what we are used to hearing from him, but it is still a fantastic tune. A few tracks later, I heard my (arguably) favorite mashup of all time, ‘Black Room Boy vs Big Ben.’ He never fails to disappoint in any of his productions and remixes. I’m lucky enough to  be seeing him perform on Halloween and I’m so excited for it! To no surprise, ABGT 150 closed with Ilan’s remix of ‘Satellite.’

For most of us on this particular night, those 10,003 people were a half a world away.

Another milestone has come and gone. I got chills about 300 times during the broadcast and there wasn’t a single moment where I wasn’t wishing I could be there. There isn’t a label out there capable of producing such talented artists that can captivate such a global audience as Anjunabeats. I’ve already made plans to attend ABGT 200, wherever in the world it may be. If it’s even half as incredible as this year’s broadcast, I could die happy. Hope to see you there!

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