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ABGT 153: Group Therapy 153 with Capa

ABGT 153: Group Therapy 153 with Capa

It’s been a long week, and there’s no better way to settle down than Group Therapy. That is unless you’re like me, and just want to dance the day away! Today’s ABGT 153 has some interesting sounds from Andrew Bayer to Space RockerZ,  as well as some notable Above & Beyond classics and remixes.

The Record of the Week‘s ‘Mercury’ comes from an artist I haven’t quite talked about yet, Maor Levi. Honestly, it reminded me of Requiem For A Dream. The mash-up of ‘Mercury’ with Above & Beyond’s ‘Can’t Sleep’ was one of my favorite parts of ABGT 150. Just lovely! Here’s the Anjuna kitchen serving up another fine dish! Maor Levi’s sound is always so lush. And did you know that he released his first major track, ‘Lital,’ on the Anjunadeep record label at 17?!

Tri-State is definitely one of my favorite albums from Above & Beyond and the track that really stuck out to me on this mix was ‘Stealing Time.’ This track definitely makes you reminisce — both the good and the bad. I personally believe that Richard Bedford is one of the most soulful male vocalists in the industry and his intensity during these lyrics absolutely destroy me. The melody is not only beautiful, but you can feel his passion in his voice. The funny thing is, no matter which new trance tracks come out, who plays them, or how popular they are I always come back to Tri-State.

It never grows old… Neither does time.

In my opinion, Caweh Passereh, or more commonly known as Capa, is one of the most creative and talented producers in dance music at the moment. His uniqueness is due to a blend of vintage 80’s sounds with his own modern touch, known simply as the “Capa” progressive. With support from both Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond, it’s no surprise that he would be chosen for a Group Therapy guest mix. I instantly knew that my feature from his mix would have to be ‘From Here,’ which is his interpretation of Alan Parson’s ‘Games People Play.’ Layered with bright synths perfectly arpeggiated, ‘From Here’ builds beautifully from start to finish.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Friday! This episode was all I needed and much more. What did you think of the show? Let us know below!

Group Therapy 153: ABGT 153 Tracklist

Featured ABGT 153 Tracks

Maor Levi – Mercury

Above & Beyond – Stealing Time

CaPa – From Here

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Shay Lynn

Shay is originally from Portland, but she now resides in Vegas. She's an avid shuffler and the Anjunaqueen of the Trance Life family. Trance is in her blood and she will always remember her father listening to ATB and Chicane while she was growing up. It's been a huge part of her life since then. (Life is made of small moments like these. - A&B). "Break down the walls of narrow-mindedness and set it free. Let it breathe."

  • Joel Mandell

    I think it’s kinda Michael Cassette flashback hearing Capa :D. OR maybe it’s just me :). But it is good stuff, no doubt!

    • Robb Arrow

      I’ve never thought of that, but now that you mention it, it does! I haven’t listened to Temporarity in forever, so thanks for the tip. Happy Holidays!

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