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ABGTXMAS2015 – Group Therapy Best Of 2015

ABGTXMAS2015 – Group Therapy Best Of 2015

What an amazing year it’s been. The Anjunabeats family has done incredibly well for themselves, topping the charts with numerous tracks and albums. The final episode of the year is a compilation of some of the best Record of the Week tracks of 2015. It’s such an incredible compilation that I spent 2 hours of my Christmas day listening to it while making myself a delicious lunch. So, this week I’m going to switch things up a bit by picking a few tracks I’ve never talked about in recent ABGTs, as there were so many solid options from which to choose.

First up, we have ‘U’ by Grum. Now, I’m going to be completely honest with you and admit that I didn’t know much about Grum, this time, last year. So, naturally, when I saw him open for A&B, on their We Are All We Need tour in my city, I wasn’t as excited as I should’ve been for such an incredibly talented artist. This track is definitely my favorite from the others he’s produced this past year, and I’m really looking forward to seeing him on the Anjunabeats tour this coming March.

Ilan Bluestone had one hell of a year. With so many hit releases, such as ‘Bonsai,’ ’43,’ ‘Tesseract,’ and the soon-to-be-released ‘Bigger Than Love,’ the sky is the limit for this rising star. I was lucky enough to see him twice in 2015, and I can only hope that that number increases in the new year. He’s been in the studio with Jason Ross, recently, and I can’t wait to hear what those two come up with and put together.

Let’s talk about the year that Above & Beyond has had, shall we? They started the year off with a bang, by dropping their We Are All We Need album, which will go down as one of their best albums to date. And when we throw in a few exceptional remixes like ‘Zero Gravity,’ ‘Salva Mea 2.0,’ and ‘Counting Down the Days,’ it becomes apparent, that the Anjuna bosses simply had an outstanding year. One of the most unique experiences in dance music this year was when they brought out Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays Walter White in Breaking Bad, to push the button, during their track at EDC. It was a moment I’ll never forget. Perhaps their biggest moment from this past year was the announcement of the Acoustic 2 album and subsequent tour. What an experience that will be.

Soak it all in folks, it’s been a record year for Anjunabeats. In a world where Trance DJs are quickly becoming more and more commercial, Anjunabeats continues to find new ways to reinvent themselves and create fresh, new, sounds to captivate their massive audiences. I hope all of you had a fantastic holiday and had an even better New Year!

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ABGTXMAS2015 – Group Therapy Best Of 2015 Tracklist

ABGTXMAS2015 Featured Tracks

Grum – U

ilan Bluestone – 43

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Peace Of Mind

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