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International Departures Episode 282: ID282

International Departures Episode 282: ID282

The Hungarian duo, Myon & Shane 54, are back at it again with their deep and progressive sounds. This time starting off with the lovely sounds of Disclosure featuring Gregory Porter with ‘Holding On.’ You can always count on Myon and Shane to bring you into the groove with those deep and eclectic jams before they push on into those beautiful trance sounds we know and love. As far as the deep house side goes, I think in this episode of International Departures, Grum would have to take the cake with his new track ‘U’. The young producer from Scotland has been a hit on many podcasts lately, with repeat plays from Armin’s A State of Trance to Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy Radio. With backing and support from artists and radio shows like these, I can only see a bright future for Mr. Graeme Shepherd (aka Grum).

Now when I think of a song that has been pivotal in the last few months, I just can’t deny the vocals of beautiful Zoey Johnston in ‘Peace of Mind.’ Originally created by none other than my personal favorite, Above & Beyond, this time it was played in a beautiful remix by Myon & Shane 54, which was debuted on Group Therapy 3 weeks ago. Now for another great track, we have Venaccio with ‘Tephra.’ Venaccio has been an actively producing since 2008 and has tracks on various labels, such as Black Hole Recordings, System Records, Armada, and High Contrast Recordings. His new track ‘Tephra’ is definitely a banger and I believe it will be played quite a bit in upcoming sets.

For the track of the moment we have Maor Levi, the profanely wild but all too talented producer from Israel, with the track ‘No Sleep’ featuring Mariah McManus and her unique and tantalizing vocals. You can’t help but sit back and reminisce to all the good times in your life while listening to this track. As for Maor Levi as a producer, he is no stranger to making great, memorable tracks, such as ‘Wanna Be,’ ‘Illumina,’ and ‘Pixel Hearts.’ This man is what we call an OG in the EDM world and I doubt he will be going anywhere, anytime soon.

My personal favorite of this episode of International Departures was definitely Fatum’s remix of ‘Hold On.’ It has an energy to it that just grabs a hold of you and makes you want to dance. (Not to mention the awesome drop that pushes you to the next level.) Now for the always refreshing, Blast From The Past, a collaboration of Cole Plante & MS54, which we know all too well, ‘If I Fall.’ With beautiful vocals from Ruby O’Dell this is one of my personal favorites. They released it back in February of 2014 and it’s definitely a track of true passion and love and a great way to close this episode of International Departures with Mario Egeto (Myon) & Elod Csaszar (Shane54).

International Departures 282: ID282 Tracklist

  1. Disclosure feat. Gregory Porter – Holding On
  2. DJ Tonka & Stefan Rio – I Gotta Let You Go (DJ Tonka Remix)
  3. Grum – U
  4. Kyau & Albert – Color Field
  5. Andrew Rayel feat. Cindy Alma – Hold On To Your Love (Ørjan Nilsen Remix)
  6. Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston – Peace Of Mind (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Love Mix)
  7. Venaccio – Tephra
  8. Maor Levi & BRKLYN feat. Rye – No Sleep     [Track Of The Moment]
  9. JES & Clint Maximus & Shant – Hold On (Fatum Remix)
  10. Titus1 & Novan feat. Niles Mason – Where (Sollito Remix)
  11. Jenaux feat. Pia Toscano – Renegades (Wrechiski Remix)
  12. Cole Plante & Myon & Shane 54 feat. Ruby O’Dell – If I Fall     [Blast From The Past]

Featured ID282 Tracks

Venaccio – Tephra

Maor Levi & BRKLYN feat. Rye – No Sleep

Cole Plante & Myon & Shane 54 feat. Ruby O’Dell – If I Fall

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I grew up in Los Angeles, but I moved to San Diego in 2000. Exposed to numerous genres of music throughout my years, I was first introduced to EDM in 2007 with Happy Hardcore and artists like Anabolic Frolic and The Chemical Brothers. In 2009, the first year I saw Above & Beyond live, I instantly knew that trance was my thing.

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