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International Departures Episode 291: ID291

International Departures Episode 291: ID291

In International Departures Episode 291, or ID291, the Hungarian duo MS54 has another great set starting off with Nora En Pure’s 2015 rework of their track ‘Saltwater.’ Next they continued to come in with some deeper melodies with ‘Ghetto Superstar (What You Are)’ by Alex Preston. Alex Preston’s ‘Ghetto Superstar’ is available as a free download from SoundCloud. In proper International Departures style, it’s amazing how MS54 can go from those 80’s style remixes into the lovely trance bangers that we all know and love.

Speaking of those deep jams, a couple tracks down the line MS54 played a track by Ad Brown & Andrew Benson entitled ‘Your Call’ in its original mix. This “infectiously groovy” track by two of Colorize‘s most recognizable names is full of lush, warm pads, subtle darting piano chords and haunting vocals. Definitely a tasty jam that I suggest you check out! Leading out of ‘Your Call’ back into some progressive trance by a relatively new collaboration known as Liftwalkers, which is composed of Raimundo Labarca & Javier Zerene from Santiago, Chile. According to their SoundCloud, they have been fine-tuning ’27 Hours’ for months and the hard work has surely paid off, as the track is truly breathtaking. Starting very progressive, the extremely addicting melody is slowly introduced into a highly energetic drop that instantly makes you want to move.

In my opinion, ’27 Hours’ was a great transitioning track into the fire pit that is Rodrigo Deem’s Remix of Max Millian’s ‘Sparticus.’ This remix just so happened to be MS54’s Track of the Moment and it rightfully earned its place. Don’t be fooled by this gloomy number as it teases you into the track with its nonchalant bass-line and smooth groove, as the break serves up a killer hook and oozes summer with bags of energy at the drop. One thing you can always count on for sure with the Hungarian duo is their unpredictable nature of laying down the law with funky summer hits, most notably Afrojack’s ‘SummerThing!’ In ID291, we have David Souza’s interpretation of Afrojack’s latest single ‘SummerThing!’ As David Souza mentioned on his SoundCloud, he loved the summer feeling of ‘SummerThing!’ but he wasn’t particularly fond of the original bigroom drops, so he hit the studio and made a funky house version around the original breakdowns. What a great rework and it’s even available as a free download!

It seems to me that Myon & Shane 54 have summer vibes running through their veins in this episode and we all know that you can’t beat summer feels from toes to nose!

International Departures 291: ID291 Tracklist

  1. Nora En Pure – Saltwater (2015 Rework)
  2. Alex Preston – Ghetto Superstar
  3. PROFF – Joy Is Pain
  4. Ad Brown & Andrew Benson – Your Call
  5. Liftwalkers – 27 Hours
  6. Max Millian – Sparticus (Rodrigo Deem Remix)     [Track Of The Moment]
  7. Jordan Jay – Analock
  8. Afrojack feat. Mike Taylor – SummerThing! (David Souza Bootleg)
  9. Justin Oh feat. Jonny Rose – Pyramid Of Lights (The Madison Remix)
  10. Jack Ü feat. Justin Bieber – Where Are Ü Now (Myon & Shane 54 Summer Of Dub Mix)
  11. Simon Alex – Aviator
  12. Antillas feat. Fiora – Damaged     [Blast From The Past]

Featured ID291 Tracks

Nora En Pure – Saltwater (2015 Rework)

Ad Brown & Andrew Benson – Your Call

Afrojack feat. Mike Taylor – SummerThing! (David Souza Bootleg)

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