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Trancefonic Radio Episode 012 – Pablo Artigas Guest Mix

Trancefonic Radio Episode 012 – Pablo Artigas Guest Mix

Trancefonic Radio Episode 012 – Pablo Artigas Guest Mix

In this guest mix, I’ve given a test run to some new releases that are coming up on my label, Individual Identity Music, Bolted Recordings and a new project that the trance and electronic music community will soon learn of.

We start off the mix with two tunes that you’ll soon know the names of, but for now, I’m keeping them as IDs. I promise their identities will be revealed in early 2016! The first ‘ID’ is a very funky, yet very deep, progressive tune with an almost haunting vocal. It eases the listener properly into the second tune, also an ID, which feeds off the previous track’s groove but adds a bit more euphoric sounds and drive, introducing a hint that the mix is building up its pace.

Onward in the mix, we have a fairly new one by Matt Fax, ‘Struck’ on Enhanced Music’s Colorize sub-label. I’ve been a Matt Fax fan for about two years now, and ‘Struck’ is a sure testament to this kid’s potential. He’s certainly got a bright future in music ahead of him. After this is a favorite tune of mine that I play almost regularly, either in my sets or just at home. Saer’s ‘Event Horizon’ on Sunny Lax’s Sounds Of Elysium is driving, energetic and nothing short of a quality production. If anyone wants to hear what Trance 2.0 should sound like, it’s this track.

Moving into the beef of the mix are three of my own tunes. We start with my remix to Empathy’s track, ‘Interstellar.’ Released on my label, Individual Identity Music, ‘Interstellar’ marks a small, yet defining milestone for the imprint as our tenth release. After ‘Interstellar,’ it’s another remix by yours truly, this time, a remix to Nikhil Prakash’s ‘One Day At A Time’ via the UK’s Mondo Records. It marks my debut on the label, and I hope to work with them again in the future! Ending the small Pablo showcase in the middle of the mix, I play my track, ‘Geronimo!’ which was featured on Hazem Beltagui’s, Crossings: The Settling album. “Geronimo!” has certainly been an ace in previous sets and mixes and I’ve been very happy with everyone’s reactions towards the tune! It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks I’ve ever made!

Ending the mix, we have four more tracks to discuss. First we have an ‘ID’ that will hopefully make some heads turn upon its release! After the ‘ID,’ I play a track that I find to be a “card up my sleeve,” Lange’s ‘A Different Shade Of Crazy.’ I think I’ll be playing this track for many years to come as it’s a perfect transitional track to speed things up in the mix (on top of being ultimately unique!) After Lange’s track, I play a perfectly polished bootleg done by Monoverse to the Daredevil Main Theme. I recommend any avid trance listener or DJ to download this bootleg from Monoverse’s Soundcloud, it’s great, and it’s free! Coming down to the final tune of the mix, I top it with my Darklifting Mix to Alexander de Roy’s, ‘Images’ on Trance All-Star Records. The reactions I’ve been receiving regarding this remix of mine has been incredible, and I thank all of you for your kind messages!

All in all, I feel this guest mix for Trancefonic Radio is a very special and sentimental mix, and I was very happy to share each and every one of the tunes with all of the listeners! I can’t wait to be back for another one!

Take care, folks!

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Trancefonic Radio Episode 012 Tracklist

  1. ID – ID
  2. ID – ID
  3. Matt Fax – Stuck (Original Mix)
  4. Saer – Event Horizon (Original Mix)
  5. Empathy – Interstellar (Pablo Artigas Remix)
  6. Nikhil Prakash – One Day At A Time (Pablo Artigas Remix)
  7. Pablo Artigas – Geronimo! (Original Mix)
  8. ID – ID
  9. Lange – A Different Shade of Crazy (Original Mix)
  10. Daredevil – Main Title (Monoverse Bootleg Remix)
  11. Alexander de Roy – Images (Pablo Artigas’s Darklifting Mix)

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