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Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 – R3volution Guest Mix

Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 – R3volution Guest Mix

Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 features a guest mix from New Hampshire-based DJ and producer R3volution. DJ R3volution (Scott) has been spinning since 1989 and has seen a lot of change in both music and technology. In 2016 DJ R3volution has taken the exit from the mainstream and commercial Trance highway and is headed underground to less “popular” producers and tracks in the Trance & Tech Trance genres.

This journey starts off strong right out of the gate with Ørjan Nilsen‘s ‘Endymion.’ Then it’s a bit more underground with a stunning track known as ‘Knightfall’ by Arkham Knights on Coldharbour Recordings. Next comes a double shot of Scottish producer Mark Sherry with ‘Acid Air Raid’ and ‘Hostile,’ which are both beyond epic in their own right. Then its MaRLo with ‘Ignite’ and Mark Sherry with Terry Ferminal’s beyond haunting lyrics in ‘Walk Away.’

The energy and BPM of the mix then increase with Liquid Soul’s remix of Paul van Dyk & Jordan Suckley’s ‘City of Sound.’ We then move to ‘Cairo’ by John Sunlight & Skydust to ‘The One Who Knocks’ from Estigma. This one is a serious banger that features serious power and suspense using vocal samples from the hit tv show Breaking Bad. Finishing the set at 140 BPM is ‘Rules and Lies’ from Hush & Koishii featuring Client and Dubstar vocalist Sarah Blackwood. The journey is then complete with one seriously uplifting track – ‘Saffire’ from Allen & Envy.

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Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 Tracklist

  1. Orjan Nilsen – Endymion (Original Mix)
  2. Arkham Knights – Knightfall (Original Mix)
  3. Mark Sherry & Scot Project – Acid Air Raid (Original Mix)
  4. Mary Sherry & Paul Denton – Hostel (Original Mix)
  5. MaRLo – Ignite (Original Mix)Orjan Neilsen
  6. Mark Sherry & Terry Ferminal – Walk Away (Mark Sherry Remix)
  7. Paul Van Dyk & Jordan Suckley – City of Sound (Liquid Soul Remix)
  8. John Sunlight & Skydust – Cairo (Original Mix)
  9. Estigma – The One Who Knocks (Original Mix)
  10. Hush & Koishii & Sarah Blackwood – Rules and Lies (Original Mix)
  11. Allen & Envy – Saffire (Original Mix)

Trancefonic Radio Episode 014 Featured Tracks

Arkham Knights – Knightfall (Original Mix)

Mary Sherry & Paul Denton – Hostel (Original Mix)

Estigma – The One Who Knocks (Original Mix)

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